Falling Down, And Getting Back Up Again.

Discussion in 'Journals' started by lundy, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. So what's the latest on this guy?
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  2. lundy


    so far as i heard, he's in san francisco... on his way to making millions. :D
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  3. my guess is maimed and will limp the rest of his way through life :-/
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  4. This thread seems to have just ended, with very little resolution. So, I can only assume that it ended all well and he's fully rehabilitated, considering that he's still actively posting on ET.

    LUNDY!!!! YOU OUT THERE?!!!!!
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  5. Lundy, how long have you been at Green Tree? Seems like you're through with the supermarket job.
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  6. with your past you should trade in the 5k cash for only owing 1995000.00..

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  7. Whatever else anyone wants to say about it, Lundy's story is probably the most epic on here. The title of this thread says it all.

    It seems that Lundy is getting up again. If he succeeds, he will be a monument and possible inspiration to us all about the ability to rise from the ashes. Our own Elite Trader Niederhoffer, you might say. You guys may even find yourselves buying his book about his story in a few years, you never know . . .

    No need to push you to detail your ongoing progress, come back and update us only when you're ready to disclose. I'm just posting in this thread to let you know that we're interested in seeing you succeed. You've taken a difficult journey one step at a time, and with all the recent talk about how many "successful" traders are quitting out of frustration, your success at this time particularly should provide a model of perseverance probably unmatched by anyone else on here.
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  8. Not to get into a bash "off" about Lundy, but comparing him to Niederhoffer is neither fair to Victor, nor to Jason. Victor was at the game probably for the better part of 25 years when he ran into his "black swan" and had stellar returns for many of those years and the confidence and respect of many of his peers. Lundy, from his accounts, parlayed some initial success and some initial fabrications into a larger bankroll, or so he says. While it is respectable to make a comeback after a big hit, another part of me wants to say that this is a part of the trading disease. As traders we tend to look at everything with a certain myopia, that all failure eventually leads to success and we tend to cite the numerous "Market Wizard" stories as evidence. But there are plenty of corpses that are never heard from again, who only dig a deeper hole...Hopefully Lundy at least treads water for awhile, but I think what he has the most to fear is the fact that all of those bad habits are still embedded in his psyche and ready to come alive at any time, if he does not monitor himself very closely
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