Falling Banks & Companies indicators of Massive catastrophe?

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Falling giant banks & companies indicators of approaching massive catastrophe?

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  1. talknet


    I was watching a TV program about Dinosaurs. The situation was just before the extinction of dinosaurs.

    A massive Volcano was fuming in the background and Giant birds were flying. Suddenly there were many minor explosions all over the place & poisonous gas & steam started felling the giant birds.

    Then a statement appeared "Giant Birds falling from the sky are indicators of approaching massive catastrophe". After sometime the "massive volcano" erupted and all the dinosaurs on land and sky were killed/extinct.

    Now the "falling giant banks & giant companies" = "falling giant birds" and they indicators of approaching massive financial catastrophe which is $1200 Trillion loss to the world economy = Fuming Volcano

    Too bad there is $1,400 Trillion of wealth left to evaporate and will probably only be about $200 Trillion at current values left when all is said and done.

    The deflationary credit contraction begins

    Now the Poll question-: Are falling giant banks & giant companies indicators of approaching massive financial catastrophe?

    Please vote for your opinion (see above)
  2. I hope this will be a correction in the long run. In the short run we can expect a massive catastrophe.
  3. lrm21



    Failing companies and banks are an indicator of a cyclical recession.

    The catastrophe is the response of the governments to a normal business cycle process.
  4. It's the ebb-and-flow of business. The sky isn't falling except for the ones that are uneducated or have short memories.
  5. ronblack


    More importantly, when the majority is certain of an upcoming catastrophe, markets recover and go into an uptrend.

    So I am reading carefully these threads and I am counting the number of those who think the end is coming as an indicator to help me decide when to invest in the stock market apart from my trading.

  6. clacy



    You registered on ET two months ago.

    You have 450 posts already and I would say that 99% of them are doomsday scenario posts.

    I wonder if you're constantly living in fear or if this type of economic environment is causing you to be depressed.

    Were you this terrified two years ago, making this a recent event, or have you lived your life like this always.

    I'm not trying to be a smartass, in fact, I'm interested in your response out of curiosity.
  7. It is not a normal business cycle process. It has been artificially created. Govt is not the solution............I agree. But these cyclical boom/bust are created........THEY ARE NOT NATURAL.

  8. talknet


    I have written "falling giant birds" which means Giant banks & Giant companies are getting Bankrupt.
  9. cokezero


    $1200 Trillions??? Where does it come from???
  10. The only ones failing are the ones that made poor decisions.
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