Fallen Marine's Father Upset With Obama

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    HOUSTON - A man who lost a son to the war in Afghanistan is disappointed in the condolence letter he received from President Barack Obama.

    Tom Logan, a Willis resident, calls the note late, impersonal, disrespectful and essentially a form letter.

    "It opened up a wound in our heart you can't fix. You can't send another letter. You can't make it right," Logan said.

    Logan's son, USMC Cpl. Joseph D. Logan, was killed Jan. 19, 2012, along with five other men when the helicopter they were in crashed.

    Joey Logan was 22.

    "He would have been more mad about this than I am," Tom Logan said.

    Tom Logan said he believes Obama did little more than sign his name to the document. He believes his son deserved more.

    Local 2 Investigates examined two other letters sent by Obama to families of soldiers killed in action. The one-page typed condolence letters were identical other than names, ranks and service branches.

    There is no standard or written protocol that we could find dealing with presidential condolence letters.

    "Different presidents have approached the task in ways that are unique with their personalities and their priorities," University of Houston Professor and Historian Nancy Beck Young said.

    Young examined the letter written to Tom Logan, which arrived by UPS truck four months after his son's death.

    "I would agree, this is a personal sacrifice and an impersonal condolence," Young said.

    Young said that it appears Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, wrote more personal, individualized, sometimes hand-written notes to the families of soldiers.

  2. Odumbo's a SHIT! Hopefully America will wake up to it someday! :mad:
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    I "Hope" they wake up to it before election day.
  4. Probably won't.

    Just wait until we all find out what he's done to us* in the lame duck session. Even the Libtards will go "WTF"?... and regret they voted for the bastard.

    *Wealth tax, Carbon Tax, Financial Transaction Tax (all paid to the UN for their own greedy/nefarious purposes)... Odumbo's "Social Justice"... loss of our rights to own guns.

    Any patriotic American would tell the UN to "go pound sand"... DEFEND AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY rather that ceding our advantages to others.

    Most American parasite voters can't see past their person greed... just like Hitler, with his maniacal desires for world power destroyed Germany, Odumbo's vision of Socialism and Social Justice is ruining America. How can such a man who HATES EVERYTHING AMERICA WAS, IS, AND STANDS FOR... become the leader of the country he supposedly leads??

    :( :(
  5. I always felt Bush was a more compassionate man than Obama...
  6. I agree,he caused the deaths and injuries of 30,000 US troops and over 100,000 Iraqi civilians but he was compassionate about it
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    Obama's not going to win. He's dreaming of a Hawaiian mansion.
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    I have to agree with AK on that one... the two big wars and the deaths are on Bush, the windup of the wars the incomplete missions and the ME breakdown is on Obama.
  9. You're too compassionate.

    BUSH WAS A TOTAL ASSHOLE.. a self-serving, "abusing his office" Napoleon wannabe. A disgrace to the American Presidency!

    And then came Odumbo... elected partially because he "wasn't Bush", "wasn't as bad as Bush" (a wrong perception)... yet, he is 10X WORSE in the damage he's done to our country.. and sadly, MUCH MORE DAMAGE TO COME... whether reelected or not!

    America will likely not survive the damage Odumbo has foisted on our country... NOT EVER!! Well, his harm won't be undone until there is a bloody revolution in American streets!

    :mad: :mad:
  10. Obama insults our war dead and is a total disgrace. He should be deported back to his Kenyan village mud hut.
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