Fall you turd.

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  1. Might add Monday, we'll see. Who's in here with me? Still think 1175 is the spot though.
  2. Being a perma-bear in a growing economy with an inflationary currency must be tough.

    Sorry :(
  3. What the hell are you talking about? I took the short today dipshit.

    Some risk here still of course.
  4. That's exactly what I'm talking about. How precisely do you intend to make money shorting a rising market and long an inflationary currency?

    Maybe shorts work different where you're from :D
  5. I laughed. Someone flush this turd already. I'm getting tired of starin' at the corn flecks and dirty water.

    Nice Doji on the lowest volume since the last implosion.

    Hard assets sold off and bonds rose.
  6. olias


    I'm right there with you. Looks like it could be Monday. Big turd coming soon I think.

    ...oh and I think the market is gonna drop too
  7. That's pretty much what everyone was saying last Monday too.
  8. olias


    not me
  9. Don't fight the tape.
  10. Yeah, i don't remember last monday as being anything special. Late Feb had every indication this would extend for a while with that major reversal we had after the gap down (that was key).

    There's a level up here that took us down last time. I'm trading it with a tight stop up here. Really I should have waited until Monday.....hence the small size.

    A side note: It looks like Europe might bail out Greece Monday. We'll see what happens though. May get stopped out.
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