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    Thanks for the link. I do have a few questions about Alex Jones and his web sites for those that are familiar with him

    1....How much of his stuff is sensationalist journalism for the purposes of getting people excited to buy his product?

    2...How much is it editing out of context just to create a point?

    3...How much of it is investigative journalism and truth that can be relied on?
  2. That explains a lot about you, Chris.
  3. Where have all these same "non-partisan" concerned citizens been up until now? What a complete and utter farce.
  4. tmarket,

    Yes....former military (flew AH-1S "Cobra" Attack Helicopters and was a Ranger in the U.S. Army) where I was able to SEE first hand how the real world worked as early as the 80's. It was a very disappointing experience, to find out the REAL world was very very different from the one "presented" to the timid and docile masses through the corporate media.

    Unfortunately, through all my current airline industry (I was in the airline industry through the first Gulf War and 9/11) and military contacts, I have found nothing good about the on going realities of our countries dismantling. In all these years, you should see how many are now LEAKING inside information to Alex from within many "in the know" entities (military, airlines industry, financial industry, government, etc). Alex is now flooded with massive amounts of inside intel that all has to be vetted, so far many critical news items he is WAY AHEAD of the power curve.

    Alex was a good 12 to 18 months AHEAD of the 2008 financial grid TAKE DOWN........"CALLED IT" with almost near perfection! Not because he is smarter than you or I, but BECAUSE of his direct SOURCES established. There are MANY citizens on the inside that are disgusted by what is happening to our country and they want the information OUT FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE! These are citizens who are not timid and docile followers of the presented reality (like obama HOPEium drugged followers), but these are good American taking action to win the INFOWAR!

    It should be very obvious I do not give a $hit what you or anyone else thinks about me (as my many on the edge political posts prove.....not in alignment with the corporate media sales job presented reality). For myself, digging for the REAL information and exposing the false reality of the presented world is what I care about.......HOOOOUUUUUUAAAAHHHHH!!! :cool:

    BTW, lets take a direct look at a current in the news evolving situation that has a GREAT impact on the American society.

    Do you know what TSA "full naked body scanners" are REALLY about???

    Do you know who owns the companies that have ALL the government contracts???

    Do you know the EXACT capabilities of these heinous machines???

    Do you know what REAL health issues are involved as you or your family passes through a "full naked body scanner" at the airport???

    Do you know what time frame they will be installed at ALL major airports in the US???

    I am sure your friendly Faux News or CNN has already properly briefed you on ALL the realities........right???


    LOL!!! :eek:
  5. As a traveler, if you can't answer my questions about the TSA "full naked body scanners" reality all I can say is.........

    Enjoy the circumstances of THEIR presented reality! :eek:
  6. I ask again, Where have all these same "non-partisan" concerned citizens been up until now? Where have all these same "non-partisan" concerned citizens been during all these years when this was going on:


    Did I mention the part about the complete and utter farce?
  7. So what do you do, refuse a full body scan? Then what happens?
  8. No, No, just go along with it dude.....no problems at all..................right??? LOL!

    EVERYONE else is doing it so you MUST be just fine............right??? :eek:

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