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  1. Nicely said. I agree 100%. Now be prepared to get ripped by the naysayers who lurk on ET. You'll be hearing from them soon and their names are familiar--Reaver, SEBEN, trader273, brownsfan, and pittbulltrader to name a few.
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  2. I said EVERY thread YOU post on, not just the one's I do.

    The proof is there for anyone who cares to see it. Simply go to Search, type in "Reaver" and it's all there for the world to see. A long list of worthless ranting, raving, bashing and vulgarity. And those are real, unlike the fabricated PM you say I sent SEBEN, one of your aliases.

    Pity you can't have ET erase your audit trail.
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  3. You believe what you want and Ill believe what I want. Its only a waste of time since every post we go back and forth on just gets deleted anyways. Too much of a waste of time. Have fun spamming your shit to unsuspecting newbies.

    Thank god for the the ignore feature.

    ps. please do not make anymore names as I don't feel like adding all your new names to the ignore list
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  4. Solid arguments (without emotion) always make the bashers resort to their true selves--envious, jealous people who snipe and can't believe that others have achieved the succcess they so dearly seek. Oh the humanity!

    Goodbye and good luck.
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  5. And if the chat room was in fact successful, the same argument you just made 0t holds for the chat room eventually being a losing proposition as well.

    With that being said and assuming that is true, the REAL money is in managing money. If you know that sooner or later the market is going to 'read' you, it's best to get as much as you can before that happens and the fact is that you do this with professionally managed accounts.

    Of course, if the chat room and signals are shit to begin with, the market doesn't need to 'read' you. It already is.

    So where does TZ fall - is it so good that the market is 'reading' it and it's time to get out or is it so bad that the market doesn't care? B/c according to your logic, those are the options since it doesn't take long for the market to 'read' you.


    Please do not send me PM's asking 'what's up lamer'. I have no desire to discuss anything with you in PM's, let alone you sending me a PM asking 'what's up lamer'.

    What is that? Are you really 15 yrs old or something? If so, this all makes perfect sense.
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  6. [​IMG]

    There's a snapshot of this loser 0t sending me an unsolicited PM asking 'whats up lamer'.

    I don't even know what the fuck a lamer is.

    Sounds like something my 12 yr old next door neighbor would say. I'll go ask him what a lamer is so that I can report back to 0t with some other high school slur.

    Point is this person has something for me as I am getting PM's on Sunday night from them just begging to hear back from me. I may need to contact the ET restraining order police b/c I don't need some teeny bopper stalking me on the internet.

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  7. ha ha ha yeah solid arguments without emotion..funny how you keep getting proven how full of sht you are and every time the mods delete the thread, you start up fresh again acting like nothing ever happened?

    So are you back from the Hamptons, or since it's a holiday are you taking the ol Helicopter for another spin?

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  8. If you made a million a year from trading, and it made you happy to teach others, you wouldn't be a) charging 6 grand to teach, and b) you wouldn't selling fucking computers.

    Your actions speak louder than your words, as they tend to do.

    If you made a million bucks a year trading why the hell would you be selling computers? Do you also sell steam cleaners on the weekends door-to-door because that makes you happy too?


    No one here is fooled by you. Seek life elsewhere.
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  9. Because the money made would be peanuts and would diminish the likelihood of the system continuing at maximum efficiency...I noticed your "interview" thread earlier...are you getting ready to start up a signal service or something?

    First off, being a discretionary trader, one can't really sell "signals" from a system, but even if it were possible I know I sure as hell wouldn't do it...

    Point is, even if you were crazy enough to give your edge away (which is technically priceless) for a couple grand...even if you could be convinced to share the sweat of your brow with someone else who hasn't worked for it like you did.....

    why would you go around beating the bush, spamming forums and paying for advertising to sell it to others?

    If teaching makes you happy, then you aren't gonna be charging for it, especially not $6,000 making a million a year wouldn't warrant you worrying about peanuts like that...

    not to mention why would you be selling computers like some door-to-door salesman if you were a millionaire....ahh, that's the rub...no reason....other than to make ends meet...
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  10. Yep, and you'll notice I only rip on vendors and others who are attempting to scam people and be dishonest.

    Right now, you are the target.....

    LOL all the posts keep being deleted and you just keep coming back pretending like they never happened. LOL
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