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    It is with great interest and scare I have followed this thread for the last few days. I am a member of FDT since approx. 6 months, and have been struggling with putting my trading together. I have worked hard on my notes from the class every day, I have been doing internal work (as Blue calls it) every day as well, but my trading is no good. I am losing. I was thinking I was at fault, but the opinions expressed here from other members, really scares me. It now dawns on me that I may have been too gullible by just accepting what Blue says, as the truth. I will for sure watch Blue with different eyes now, and wonder if he now will do as suggested, show his statement or make valid real time calls to the room, instead of trading in hindsight. I expect he has to make changes now, because this is not good.
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  2. losi it was not your fault we all feel for it. dont feel bad trading is hard and there are afew that can do it but he is not one. He will tell you noe he cant trade because of the new class. it is always something. It would be nice if all the people that feel the same way would say it. From what i have read here some guy has all there email saying how bad blue is. If they were real men they would tell these poor people the truth and not make them lose money. Stop trying to trade an area losi it wont work. good luck to you
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  3. Mitsurigi Yoshi got my point though. Don't be a hypocrite in the future...no moderator can delete that fact....it extends beyond this forum.
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    I am reposting this because the original seems to have been removed from this thread, hopefully in error.

    I joined FDT approx. 1 year ago and after being in the room for over 6 months came to the same conclusions as lbcando, maharaishi, and CA99999 regarding the vagaries of the system, the after-the-fact calls, and the interminable pontificating.
    I was initially drawn to Blue's apparent 'spiritual' perspective and I do believe that the material has merit and has helped expand my understanding of the market process. Nevertheless, I could not make it work, have since left the room, and am now trading with greater profitability using my own criteria.
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    Thanks Mods for deleting all the yip-yap type postings, saves bandwidth and also increases interests in reading the complete topics.
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  6. Yeah it got out of hand....it bothered me that while people were posting here about how they got taken by one vendor and they were playing right into the hands of another...the person asking questions works for Trading Zoo.

    Sorry it got out of hand...but it would be very ironic to see others here get taken by a second wolf in sheep\'s clothing while they were reeling from being scammed the first time...
    I have all the old material saved if the Trading Zoo person shows up.

    I don\'t and never will sell anything to do with trading, and I can\'t stand people that run around trying to rip other people off.

    Please excuse the previous derailing of the topic.
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  7. Every thread you visit becomes a clusterf^^k.
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  8. Sounds like some members need to read their gratitude books again. People it's all there, you have to want it first.
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  9. Because you insist on spamming...and I refuse to let that slide.

    people here already read the spam PM and witnessed your childish behavior yesterday...I would suggest you seek life elsewhere.
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  10. like reading some dumb book is going to make you money. If you think that then you and blue belong together. Dont you think everyone would read it. If he could trade he would not be teaching, oh i forgot he does not want to make money he want to be good to people. You keep beleiving that and in a year you will be broke. I guess all the other people in there for over a year dont want it either, because they cant get it. Wake up
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