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  1. TraderBobby unfortunately you did not learn about this in time. You had to send this lowlife lying thieving miserable dirt bag $6,000 like the rest of us. At least you can help other people at this point learn that this con artist is just there to rip them off. Now because he's changed the room numbers he thinks everything is OK. He comes in to the trading room and starts his babbling all over again. I can't believe that he seriously thinks we are not laughing behind his back. It does not matter if we are in room 56 and 57 or the new rooms 26 and 27, we still do not want him in there.

    Unfortunately because of the friends that we have in the room we cannot come out and tell him to get out. We like trading with each other but not with his stupid comments that have nothing to do with the market. Richard you cannot trade, you cannot teach. All you do is LIE. How many people do you have to continuously hurt by making believe you can trade? There are still some poor souls in here that still believe this idiot can trade. It took TraderBobby over a year to figure out all the lies, made up trades and ridiculous indicators, (the pitchfork, the moving averages, confirm this confirm that, and every other worthless garbage he can come up with). TraderBobby thanks so much for posting and helping some of the other poor friends we have here. It is not their fault they cannot figure this garbage out, it just doesn't work.

    TraderBobby, I am sending you a PM please write back to me if you can.
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  2. TraderBobby...Congratulations...better late than never. I am glad you had the gumption to post

    The only exception i take with your post is the notion that , that liar, phony, fraud, fake, stuttering, inarticulate, con artist supreme EVER had a winning call...even for a point!!!!!

    Maybe you can get through to your brain numb members and break the strangle hold this demon has. If there are others that have finally seen the light ...I encourage them to post here.
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  3. After a long hiatus on this thread ...I was wondering if Blue's room is still active. Can anyone comment... Is blue still making imaginary trade calls?... are people still buying his con? Just curious.
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  4. Losi


    Yes, the FDT room is still there, and Blue is there too, even though he is not as active as before, and his presence in the room is not as regular as it once were. His son is long gone though, guess his interest died when there were no new money coming in from hopeful students.

    There are a few people in the room who has been trying hard to make the trading room work, but for the most part, it does not work. Blue has been trying to "force" people to post their trades to the room in advance, or at least as they take the trades, which in itself is funny. Blue cannot post his "trades" to the room himself (we all know he does not and cannot trade), yet he wants us to do it. This guy has no shame!

    The only benefit to be in the room, is that some of us have established ties in between other members. For instance, a small group of us are now in a private room on Pal Talk trading and also commenting on what is going on in the FDT room. People from the newest group (not really new anymore, since they have been FDT members for a year now) are still clanging on to the hope, that somehow, mysteriously, with Blue's help, one day they will be able to learn how to trade successfully. Which of course, will not happen. Talk about the blind leading the blind!

    What goes on in the FDT room, is for the most part the regular "bs". People (including Blue sometimes) posting trades in hindsight, posting that they now just took +1 pt profit, etc. on a trade they never posted. And other members chiming in saying "nice trade", "way to go", etc. Totally worthless.

    The funny thing is that some of the guys doing this, are not trading for real at all. Yet, they seem to need the "stroking" from other members, and of course from Blue himself. We all know the trading room is worthless when people do not post trades in advance or at the very least, as they are taking them. But what can you expect? The people in the room does exactly what Blue has been showing them for several years now, namely "retrotrade". Whenever somebody post a winning "retrotrade" to the room, Blue is quick to congratulate them and take credit. At first sight, this may seem funny. But when you know these people are all victims and have been tricked by Blue's scam, it is really a tragedy.
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  5. It is official...Market No Nothing Rich/aka Blue will be "taking a much smaller role in the room. He and his son Kevin are pursuing other interests..."

    It seems this group is shot and now it is time to find other victims to scam. I haven't a clue what those endeavors could be but the odds are against it being legitimate. Once a Scam artist always a scam artist. Just how many ruined people he has left in his wake is anyone's guess.

    Apparently he hasn't totally washed his hands of the rabble..he will be making periodic appearances..and of course the poor souls who were the most recent victims will have the privilege of his "counseling" which if they were not already crazy from listening to his nonsense will surely be push over the edge.

    Adios you s...bag and don't let the door hit on the way out!!!
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  6. Losi


    It sure is ironic, isn't it, that the self proclaimed super trader ("one of the greatest traders who has ever lived"), now is officially throwing in the towel!
    Where is the logic here?
    Why would The Greatest Trader in the World, give up trading?
    Why would his son give it up?

    The simple answer is of course, Blue never made it in trading!
    Blue had a burning desire to trade, but he never made it.
    Remember the story he told us about the guy digging a hole in the ground, he fell into it and could not get out? Then different people came by, and gave him different advices of how to get out?
    Well, the guy who dug the hole, was Blue. The "hole" was his trading account. You, me and over 100 others filled the hole by poring $500-600-700k into it!

    For those of you still holding on to the false hope of "grasping" Blue's system, you'd better now sober up and understand what a scam this was from the very beginning. Somebody on this list wrote, that if you want to learn playing the piano, you'd better learn from a teacher who does play the piano himself!
    Same thing for trading. If you knew for a fact that Blue does not and cannot trade, you would never have paid him to teach you trading, would you?

    So now the curtain will go down on Falcon Day Traders, Blue and his son Kevin are going to pursue "some other interests that will be taking most of his time." Blue will fade into the sunset, and keep the money we all were conned into giving him. As for myself, the only benefit I got from this rough experience, was to make a few good friends among the members, good people who truly have helped me in my trading.

    And Blue, it's time for you to update your web site:
    You should remove the testimonials, given to you from people who had faith in you, who believed in the BS you told us, and who paid you with their hard earned money. To keep the testimonials page up, is an insult to these people, it's like poring salt into open wounds.
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  7. It's been a year since the last post.

    Whatever happened to...

    Just curious.
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  8. Blue shyster is gone. The post started here shut him down, and spared many would be victims.

    For all we know he is picking corn in the fields of Iowa.
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