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  1. CA999999:

    You are spot on even to the point of your IDing the traders who came to Blue's defense saying that anything negative said about Blue was wrong and how they loved Blue and how their lives had changed after paying him tuition and getting in the room!

    See my previous post on page 3 of this thread where I answered a question posed by a confused person. I mentioned in there about the "shilling" that took place in the room. Next day Big Dog Kevin said the members wanted me booted out which he then did. Sensitive bunch. I should have just copied the whole thread and posted it in the trial room and said nothing and let blue dog and falcon try to explain it. Ilbecando and you have it right about brokers trading. They can't. What most of them can do is talk glibly. Blue is amazing. He scams people into his room for double the old "Club 3000" price of $3000 and then the same people leap to his defense when people who showed up because of all the great claims ask the obvious questions. Like if you are such a great trader how come you didn't recognize that Monday, Oct 1, is a trend day and the best thing to do is go long and hold till the close-not try all the counter trend (CT) stuff that floor traders do successfully. He really squirmed on that one. The 20 number game didn't work because the market just blew through all 10 high numbers he threw out there and never looked back. Yet the shills kept printing, "Good trading, blue. Right on blue." Katy was especially bad. She loves Blue but claims she can't trade because her boy friend got killed in a car accident! Then, she had to go. Yeah, right. Led me to believe he coached a number of them. He had at least 20 FDT traders in the room. The reason they were so vocal is they had nothing else to do. They sure weren't trading.

    Day traders do not answer telephones during trading hours. They make calls to their brokers. They do not run chat rooms or answer email till after market hours. Period. Trading is concentration intense. It is difficult to spot the setups and you can't be a minute late - or early.

    What I would like to know is this. Have you been retaliated against? Kicked out of a room for offering a well thought out and insightful presentation of what actually is going on? Has Ilbecando been retaliated against?
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  2. jquinn it would be nice to know each other and try and make a real room of traders. Not charging people for help just trade together. It seems like there are a few in here that know the truth and the rest will find out soon enough. If you can think of away to get together let me know how.
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  3. Mr. Yogi:

    Retrotrading is not new. Let me describe something that happened to me when I was much younger. In the old days before PC's and instant communication like we are doing now, I paid $200 for 3 month subscription of written material from guru who had come to town to drum up subscriptions. Now, I was sitting in a brokerage office with this guru in LA on Thursday reading the tape. Guru said as long as we don't go through this Dow number (750) to upside market will go down. On Friday morning I called broker who said market is up 10 Dow points so 5 points higher than "THE" number. I called guru and woke him up and gave him the bad news. He panicked and said he had to get out of town and go home and go to press. I asked him what to do. He said, "Cover your shorts." I did (ouch, no profits here).

    Monday I get letter from market guru saying how all subscribers had bought IBM and other stocks on Friday and had several points profit. Recognize it - retrotrading, right? I called him and said, "You didn't tell me to do that on Friday." He said, "You did buy IBM, didn't you." You must have forgotten that I told you. Bald faced lie. Bald faced lie. For the next 3 months I had to read how all the "subs" had done this. Soon he had me believing I was the only sub who hadn't!! Doublespeak.

    One of the great advantages that market gurus have over all the subscribers is that they do not know each other or anybody else that trades for that matter You would see market breakout and Dow going up on Friday. Monday afternoon you get letter from market guru saying how all subscribers had bought IBM and other stocks on Friday and had several points profit. You think, what is wrong with me? Without communicating with other subscribers and faced with relentless chatter from guru, you believe that you are the problem and are too whatever not to understand system/method/guru genius/or his awesome power to buy at yesterday's unavailable price today.

    Game is much more serious today. Blue separates many traders from $7000, puts them all in same room, and still they cannot find each other and communicate about the problem here, which is the scam. Apparently Blue and others can do this and you are left to find each other on Elitetrader - not in the "ROOM".
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  4. Mr Yogi:

    Perhaps we could start by exchanging email addresses
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  5. jquinn are you a memeber of blues room now
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  6. No. I was a member of the free trial room until big dog bounced me.
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  7. Cheese



    There is really no deceit only SELF DECEIT. You can't avoid the plethora of clowns in this earthly existence. Only a clown would believe any of this guru horsesh*t? People want to be losers; they need confirmation of it. In the first place they KNOW they are not the stuff of millionaires or billionaires in the making. They still go to these fast talking scam artists.

    If you are gullable and you indulge your own self deceit then you just chuck your money down the drain for the sake of some dreamscape fantasy of making big money.
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  8. Yep, that's it in a nutshell.
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  9. CA99999


    jguinn, you ask if Blue has retaliated against any member yet?

    The answer is that Blue many many times has told the members to "develop a personal relationship to him". If we have problems, we are asked to let him know, so he can talk to us individually. We are not supposed to talk about problems in the room. If we do, he immediately starts on a rant about somebody being negative, and that he doesn't want negativity in the room.
    By doing so, he prevents doubts or questions about his ability to be posted to the room. However, he must either think we are stupid, or otherwise he is very naive. We talk in between ourselves with PM's and if he knew what people are saying in those PM's, I am sure he would have closed the rooms and disappeared long time ago.

    This is yet another sign of a true scammer. Trying to "develop a personal relationship to each one of us", and his constant talk about how much he "loves each one of us".

    He has many times threatened to boot negative people or people who in his opinion show a wrong attitude, out of the room. Many members have already left, and a few members actually have gotten booted or prohibited from entering the room.

    Therefore, since we have invested our hard earned money with Blue, and he keep promising us that we "will get it", "it will come to us", "work on your internals", "you don't know it all yet, I will teach all of it, but you have to be ready for it" and on and on, we do not want to say things in the room that makes him mad and possibly prevent us from being in the room.

    I just wish more of the FDT members will come forward and express their true feelings and frustration like they do in PM's during the day, on this forum. What good does it do us, if we are just wasting time with Blue?

    And since I know Blue is reading this (I know, since jguinn got booted from the free trial because of his posting to this thread), I want you to know Blue how impressed many of us members are with your hoax. How many times have you promised to trade with us? At one time, you even said you were going to open a trading account and trade with us after you finished the last class before the summer, remember?
    What happened to that promise?

    And Blue, you talk about giving money to charity organizations from the membership fees. You even mentioned it to the people in the free trial, to give the impression that "you don't need the money, you are not doing this for the money", so a "large chunk" of the membership fees you give away to charity. Big Dog even posted this to the trial room in red bold letters.
    Are you going to show us the receipt for this giving, or was it just another sales pitch meant to give the impression how incredible nice guy you are, Blue?

    And remember, Blue, you can at any time prove me wrong on everything I have said here. It is very easy for you to do. The only thing you have to do, is to either show your real trading statements (and not a statement from one of your customers), or do as someone suggested in the free trial, post your trades to the room in advance (like you are demanding from us in the trading room), so everyone can take your trades. If you cannot do any of those two things, then you will confirm to all the members who you really are, and that you cannot trade.
    Or to quote one of your own favorite expressions, "it's simple".
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  10. CA99999


    pitbulltrader, your question is understandable, but I will not get into a discussion about Blue's methodology with you, as we are bound by agreement with Blue not to disclose what he teaches. The gripe is not with you, it is with Blue. And yes, I am a present member of Blue's rooms, still in good standing. There are some nice people in here who I consider good friends. But obviously, the honesty of several of the members are in question now after what I have seen in the free trial. Several members who spoke up in this last free trial, have been very critical of Blue and called him a liar and cheater in private PM's between members. To those members in question, I want to say that you know who you are, why are you so dishonest?

    I know Blue would like for members to now step forward and support him, to front for him, to take the pressure off of him, so he can continue to tell us how great a trader he is, how easy it is, and how magnificent everything will be when we all become as good a trader as he is. He may even tell us how these postings are destroying him, and that if no members step forward to defend him, he will close down the rooms.

    To you members who feel compelled to support Blue now, please think twice and ponder these questions:
    Are you stepping forward to support Blue, because you are making money trading his methodology?
    Or are you still basing your opinion on hope, that somehow mysteriously, a guy who cannot trade himself, will be able to make you a successful trader?

    Think of it, not once have Blue made any proof of his trading abilities. Not to you, not to me, not to the room. Nothing. No proof whatsoever. We are expected to take him on his words, with no proof to back up his words.
    He tried to prove it before. As I mentioned in an earlier post, when he first opened the room, it was a subscription room where he would make calls to the members. From what I have been told, he failed miserably. Somehow Blue managed to convince people that if they paid him big money up front, then he would teach them how he trade, and that would supposedly make everyone successful.

    I have no idea how this "transition" happened or could have happened. How could he convince people who had already paid their subscription and lost money on his trade calls, to cough up even more money so he could teach them his system, when he already had proven to them he could not trade himself?
    I guess that is just another example of how incredible good Blue is as a con man.
    This is all surreal, it is like the worst nightmare come true.

    I will again express gratitude to Ibcando, jguinn, maharaishi and richsan for coming forward and expose Blue for what he is. Thank you.

    To those FDT members who are contemplating stepping forward to defend Blue and do his "dirty work" for him, I will say this:
    If you are a new member who has not even taken the class yet, or have just taken the class once, don't come forward. You are still living in "dreamland", the land of "hopes".
    If you come forward and claim to make money trading Blue's system, please make sure you are telling the truth. I have a lot of PM's with almost all of you sitting on my computer, and you'd better make sure you are not speaking with a double tongue like Blue does, or it may come back to bite you.
    And if you are making money on your trading, but you do not trade Blue's system, please don't come forward either. This is not about you, it is all about Blue. And it is about the truth.

    What do you think Blue, after having sucked more than half a million dollars from us, do we not deserve to be told the truth?
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