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    Only idiots will believe the above reply in favor of Falcon.

    Market is smart, if something is very good and works then word gets around.

    Rest is for idiots to fall prey and feel sorry. This is not $299/- stuff he is asking $6K which is no small amount even today.
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  2. Based on what I have heard about Falcon trading, we can leave it
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  3. I'm just curious, why is it even with all this no one dares report these charlatans to the proper organization?

    Is it that they are so clever that they leave no paper trails? Or cover themselves with some loophole?

    Or is it that they are not a big enough of a fish for the policing bodies like the NFA to do anything about?

    I don't understand.

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  4. Blue is using a progression here. If you look back in Futures or TASC you can find it advertised for $2000. The price quoted in these posts is $6K. But if you took the free trial you find it is $7K. $7k is really rich for what has usually been "Club 3000" My belief is that he can continue converting several people into shills with each free trail. He is determined to see how high he can get the price and still attract and keep new customers who will shill for the next free trial. In essence it is one very large Ponzi scheme.

    To answer your question, dowsallwet, he is not using print information to communicate percentage accuracy, dollars per trade etc. I challenge you to find anything in writing signed by him that says he really made anything at this. Until he does that sort of thing the FTC, SEC, NFA, etc. have no case. He can make all kinds of outrageous verbal statements and it is all first amendment protected. He is not providing any "investment advice."
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  5. Thanks jquinn,

    I guess that's the way it is. Sad state of affairs but I guess he can say anything he wants and since he's a broker, apparently, I'm sure he has a practiced glib tongue.
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  6. $7000
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  7. Just have one person that he teaches show his account just one. Out of all the people that have tried too learn his system not one can show proof? In the trading room they do not even want him in here. I know i am in here everyday. For everyone that thinks his system works let him run through a full day of trading from start to finish. he wont do it, not buy in this area or sell over here but a real price. I am getting in here and getting out here. Not two points from here and a point and a half from there. Let him do it for the whole day. I dont know this trading zoo but i do know all the members in blues room and have spoke to all the members and they cant get it to work. If you take any price where the market opens, give 10 numbers above and 10 below then space it by 2 points on either side you will have to hit something. I have already lost my money i am just trying to help spme other people not loss theirs. I like blue and i know this would hurt him if he know who this was but he cant trade. The system does not work and you new guys will see for yourself. After you do please dont tell other people to join because you got scamed.
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  8. The good thing that came out of the room is the people that have come together and became friends. We all have a nice place to meet and i like blue, he just cant trade and the system does not work. I am not trying to fight with anyone just helping a few people not to be scamed like i was. Why do you feel like you need to defend him I have been there for over a year how long are you there. If you knew what you were talking about the people in the trading room do there own thing. After a while you will write me back and say you were right if you are man enough. i Hope you can help someone else when you see this does not work.
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  9. CA99999


    2 days ago, somebody sent me the link to this thread.

    I am a member of Falcon Day Traders group. After I read these postings, I have hardly been able to sleep.

    For almost a year, I have been struggling trying to "get it", to make Blue's teaching work for me. I have asked Blue for help, and he calls me and talk and talk like a river, never ending. By the time we hang up, I am totally exhausted in my head, and more confused than ever. Blue sounds like a very friendly man, he always gives the impression that he is there to help you, he spends an incredible amount of time and energy to give you this impression.
    But what he does, is just talk. Talk, talk, talk.

    First of all, as a member, you do not receive any material in writing. There are no clear rules for how to trade his methodology. His teaching is verbal only (talk talk talk).

    Blue hold himself out as being an incredible good trader. According to his own words, he consider himself as maybe the "best trader that has ever lived"! Those are not my words, those are his words, expressed to the members in the room. He never stops tapping himself on the shoulder, he is always stroking himself and bragging about how good he is and how easy trading is for him.

    There are two ways to show how good you are as a trader: you can either show your trading statements, or you can give live calls in real time. Blue does neither. When being pressured, sometimes he attempts to give live calls, but in most cases, he will end up losing, or getting out break even or with a tick or two. Yet, he proclaims to have 93% winners, we never have seen that in the room.

    What Blue does, is to give "market commentary", he will talk and talk, and after the market turns, he will shortly proclaim he is in a trade, and is now taking profit. Yet, he never made a trade call.

    Say the market is moving down from 1520. As the market is moving down, Blue will start talking about support numbers, he will mention 1517, then as the market breaks 1517, he will say next number is 1515. As the market continues to move even further down, he will mention next number is 1514, then 1512, followed by 1510 and 1508. He will say there is "support" at these numbers. As the market reaches 1510.50 and turns back up, he will say, "see how that 1510 number worked?" And he will start talking about where he takes profit on this "phantom" trade, a trade that he never announced nor took. But when you listen to him, he gives you the impression that he really is in a trade.
    It does not matter where the market turns, because Blue has already mentioned a number that is not far from where the market sooner or later will turn. It is like "carpet bombing", he throws out all these numbers, and lo and behold the market turned at or very close to one of the numbers he mentioned. It had to, because Blue already mentioned every conceivable number on the way down.
    It is incredible how good he is at this. He has perfected this to an "art" never seen before.

    lbcando is totally right. I don't know who lbcando is yet, but I am sure I know him/her from the room, as I have good relationship to all members in the room. There are many nice people in there, and I have become good friend with several of them. But I still cannot believe how I have been duped and conned by Blue. Blue is so skilled as a con artist, you will probably never meet anyone more skilled at this.

    Blue is a broker, he is not a trader.
    Blue will have you believe he actually trades, and in this last free trial, he actually told the people in the PalTalk trial room, that he did trade.
    This is a lie. Blue does not trade himself, and neither does his son Kevin (also known as Big Dog).

    If Blue was "one of the best traders who has ever lived", he would own the world by now.
    He would be very very rich.
    But he is not very rich.

    The truth of the matter is, that by teaching a "methodology" that he himself cannot trade successfully, he now makes more money than he ever could dream of making in trading. He has sold more than 100 memberships, and the price is now $7k. This is in less than 2 years. You do the math.

    Many people may not know, but I have been told when Blue first opened the room in 2006, it was a subscription room, costing $175 per month. The idea was for Blue to make trade calls in the room, and the goal was to make on average 5 points per day (trading 2 contracts).
    The room was not successful, members did not make money. According to Blue, it was because they did not take his calls. According to several members who were present at the time (some have left and are no longer in the room), it was because the calls were losing.
    Ask yourself, why in the world would you not take the calls given by a guy who proclaims to be "the greatest trader who has ever lived", and has 93% winning trades?
    Of course you would! But what are you going to say, when you lose, again and again and again?

    At one point, Blue had posted to his web site a spreadsheet over trades that supposedly had been called in the room. However, this was just a spreadsheet, anyone can make a spreadsheet.
    But where is the trading statement to show those trades?
    Answer: there is none, because no trading occurred.
    And he has later removed the spreadsheet from his web site as well.

    In the Falcon Day Traders trading room (there are 3 rooms: education room, observation room and after you "graduate", you are allowed into the trading room), many members consider Blue a joke, and laugh about his bragging about himself. They do not like when Blue comes into the room, they consider him a "retro trader", because his comments are always after the fact. He is laughing and giggling and talking about how easy trading is, that he wins 93% of the time, etc. Yet, it is a known fact among members in the trading room, that Blue cannot trade. They call him a "retro trader".
    Many people in the trading room will put the room on mute when Blue comes in, as they cannot stand listening to him.

    I now have come to the conclusion that Blue is an incredible con man. I doubt you will ever see a better and more convincing con artist, who has no proof to show for his trading whatsoever, other than his own words.
    Yet, he will convince you (and me) to believe he really can trade. This is unreal. Totally unreal.

    As to myself, I will have to digest what has happened these last few days. I want to thank lbcando for having opened my eyes to the truth. I can only pray that someway, somehow, Blue will be stopped. He is stealing money from unsuspected and well meaning and hopeful traders, or wannabe traders, based on promises he has no intention or knowledge to fulfill.

    Ask yourself this question: If you know that Blue cannot trade, do you still want to pay him $7k and hope and really believe he will make you a successful trader?
    I guess you will, because that is how good a con artist he really is.
    Good luck to you, you are in for an incredible and interesting experience. Unfortunately, it will not make you a successful trader, but that was not Blue's intention anyway. Blue's intention is to finally make money on his own failed trading - by having you pay him to listen to his endless rambling.

    Oh, one more thing: during this last free trial, some FDT members who privately are talking Blue down and saying what kind of liar he is, actually went into the PalTalk room and defended Blue when some new people were asking questions. I guess this also is an incredible ability Blue has, to keep the hope alive among unsuccessful members, by promising them they will "get it" if they just don't give up.
    Another "sign" for you to notice, is that every time someone challenges Blue or asks "nasty" questions, like "why don't you make real time trade calls?", or "do you have any statements to show for your success?", he will get extremely aggravated and defensive.
    Don't you think that "the best trader who has ever lived", just would love to show you what he is capable of, by making trade calls in front of your eyes, or show you his statement?
    Or maybe he should sign up for a trading competition and prove to the world how good he is?
    Unfortunately, Blue will not do any of this, simply because he can't.
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  10. CA99999 I am sure we know each other and lbcando from being in the room. I do agree with what you are saying but we never say it to each other so i guess we will never know who wrote what. I just hope in some way we have helped a few people not to be taken. I feel all the people that are defending him are new and do not understand that he gives so many numbers you cant pin him down. The truth of the matter is he can not trade, i have heard all his stories and none are true. If any of the members that have been here for a while would tell the truth they would tell you the same things we are saying. What I cant understand is why in back of him they say one thing and wont say it to his face. Stop hurting new people and tell them the truth.
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