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  2. Hey, thanks for this post. I had actually signed up for the trial this week, just to see what he's all about (not that I was looking to sign up with a trading room). I never got around to going to the paltalk room today. So thanks for posting your experience with him so I won't waste any time in the room this week.

    In one of his promo e-mails he sent out, he describes a thrilled trader that turned something like $25K to $500K+ in less than 6 months, using his Blue Falcon's methods. From what you describe, this is more of his fast talking.
  3. Hilarious.

    There are still people out there who think someone can sell them the Holy Grail.

    Nobody knows shit about markets. That's it.
    I know few people who make money, and you can bet your ass they are not advertising how they make it.

    Stay away from salesmen.....of any kind, but especially stock market oriented ones.

    p.s. dude calls me from AMP futures every day, just because I downloaded some demo software to see how it works.
    "We will show you how to turn your 10k in 60 k in no time!! All winning trades, mentoring, blah blah"

    "Go fuck yourself"

  4. You're right, I totally agree. Only trust vendors who will provide fully audited trading statements.

    Otherwise it is pure garbage.

    Money back guarantees will never be able to repay you for the time wasted with vendors who will not provide fully audited trading statements.

    Chick Goslin is the only trader I know who has posted authentic and audited account statements to back up his claims.
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    i never trust anyone or anything that sounds remotely like a bird, falcon, peregrine, eagle, hawkman,
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    u know why, cause, bird brain
  7. That is why if they don't get independent monitoring, offer a long trial, show a reasonable track record (not hand-picked examples), broker statements, etc.

    they are BOGUS!!!!

    There is a reason they are evasive. They don't want you to know they don't work. You should never have to "trust me" when spending $5000 or so.
  8. Well said.
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    Infact I was introduced to Falcon by a very very trusted source and signed up for free trial but could never attend to it. After few months, the source himself seemed to be not that pumped up about Falcon and his own trading based on Falcon's method, so I presumed that either system or its operator messed up.

    Falcon charges $6K for system, training, mentoring etc. That is some dough and he is making good ride to the bank.

    End point is, why would someone sell his/her system to public when they can legally loot millions from the market everyday by trading it.

    This phrase is true for atleast 95-99% of the system vendors:
    "Those who know don't sell, those who sell don't know".

    The best way to make money is to catch MACRO trends like Oil going up, US$ bearish these days, Gold, other Commodities, China, India, Nanotechnology, Internet in 90s etc. and buy good stocks and stick with them for a while. End of the time period of say 5 years if the investor has managed 20-30% returns then consider oneself better than 95% of the financial market crowd.
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    Hello All,
    Although I agree to a point about not trusting vendors in this business, however there is another side. There actually are a few decent people left in the world. Let's be a little more optimistic and all make our own decisions.

    I've been trading for over twenty years and for a brief time even taught for awhile. I recently closed my website so relax I'm not selling you anything. As much as I had fun teaching I make more money trading and enjoy it more.

    I've looked at many courses, had several teachers and I have a personal library that has over 1700 books on trading and psychology. What can I say I love to learn.

    I was introduced to Falcon trading from a trusted friend. I spoke with Richard and joined prior to taking the free trial. At first he tried to talk me out of it because I was already making money. As to why I joined you can get an idea from what I wrote above that I love to learn new things.

    I can tell you that the material is very good and the support is probably second to none compared to everything I've come across. I thought I gave the traders I taught a lot of extra attention, Blue gives twice as much if not more.

    When I taught I wanted as many people as possible to be able to trade well or have a vast improvement in their trading. Realizing that some people simply may not do as well as you want them to. No matter what you do, how well you teach, or how good the material is it's still up to the individual.
    Most courses, private mentoring etc, have a very low success rate (Understandably why there are so many negative posts in Elite Trader about trading teachers)
    I won't quote how many people are successful using Blues method I'll simply let you be adult about it and ask the traders themselves. In Pal Talk today there were around 35 traders from Blues room answering questions while still trading. There were many more in the ensign trading room making money. Blue certainly doesn't pay us, so why would be in Pal Talk to support him?

    If Ibcando is truly a member of Blues trading room, feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you.

    Kind Regards,

    ps. I have much better things to spend my time on than writing replies to people who wish to engage in conflicts on trading forums so this will be my only post on this subject. Take it or leave it but make your own decision.
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