FalconDayTraders? Anyone...

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by pitbulltrader, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. have an inside knowledge of these folks...


    6 grand...and they won't supply trade statements even after they said they would.......always curious.....who actually buys into these things......just "kills" me

    What's that site that lists all the scam artists in trading vendor land?
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    that site is overrun with spammers and nobody interest in taking over to maintain it.
  3. ghbond


    I have inside information in that I know one of the people who helped set up falcon. It is my understanding that he is very legit. You are getting a real system, and falcon puts in lots of work for his students.

    I hear that his system is very complex, and requires time to learn, but does provide a trading edge.

    It is obvious from his site that he has not traded his own system for very long, and so I am not surprised that he is not releasing trade statements.

    He offers a free trial, so anyone considering $6K to learn it can see it in action and judge for themselves.
  4. Well with only one post to your name this seems a bit suspicious.....you can follow the promises he made to me here ( which he didn't deliver on when I called his bluff) the man has no personal integrity in my opinion because he is also Spaaming the entire internet...he basically made me a promise but didn't deliver...read more here if you are truely interested

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    Spent some time in his room, approx 5 days in total. I found him to have a bag full of excuses, very limited trading, and extremly confusing about which trades were OFFICIAl and which were not. He has mastered speaking at least 6000 words an hour, thus justifing his price. I also found it strange that there were Shills who appeared to be on his payroll that play the roll of Sgt at arms.
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    I understand that Brandon Fredrickson once offered to pay if a single unsatisfied customer would come forward on Elitetrader and he could not get a single person to take his $100. Unfortunatly he no longer teaches. :D
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    Of course, what else you can do after failing to show any positive performance in position4profits and escaping after few weeks with your subscribers money. I'm sure many would have responded if you had announced about that thread to all your former customers, especially ones from p4p. Just shut up, you got lucky.