Fake Video Game + NFT's

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    He has a valid criticism if you step over the fact that the "gameplay" hasn't been released yet on this project. I think they are going pivot to a browser based version prior to launching the full version.
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    Browser version.
    Jesus Christ.

    Browser version.

    And they show in ,,game footage in unreal 4 engine''.

    Only people who has nothing to do with video games / don't play at all, can be unaware of how messed up this is.

    Equal to saying that min commission for equity transactions these days are $50 per share to random person, while most average people (who have no skill whatsoever in finance/don't know about RH) - would buy in.
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    StarAtlas is a microcap that's building it's ecosystem.

    Even though unreal engine is pretty epic, browser based games have greater market accessibility and will most likely be what mainstreams crypto.

    The better question is whether legacy games can pivot to crypto faster than crypto can pivot to great gameplay.
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    I am not sure if you understand what's the deal.

    The thing is -

    its a lie,

    when you use unreal 4 and present it as gameplay footage, while alpha is being made for browser.

    It's as if i told you that yesterday i met this 9/10 chick, but she's 70 y.o.
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    Yeah, it's pretty scummy. Fools will fall for it. As if the Unreal engine can run in a browser. ROFFLECOPTOR.

    Hey, Betty White ain't so bad, and she's like 100 now.
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