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  1. I have a friend that was watching an international report from a Brazilian newsgroup this morning and I thought you should all know what went on this past afternoon. The reporter and his cameraman were on their usual daily trip from the Palestine hotel to the hospital with their Iraqi "inteligencia guides". On the way back to the hotel they "got lost" and went back to the hospital. It had been no more than 20 minutes since they were in the Iraqi hospital and the "victims" that they had seen from a distance of over 30 feet were now getting dressed and leaving the hospital under their own power. In particular, there was one man that suppossedly had a terrible head wound that was wrapped while in the hospital, but when they saw him leaving he had no apparent problems whatsoever. 3 of the "victims" that the Brazilian reporter interviewed said that this had been part of their required "military service".
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    you gotta be kidding....please post link or something.
  3. I'll try, but it was on the Brazilian news (Globo) this morning and my Portuguese isn't very good so I'll have to look on an english website. Maybe Reuters or some other international news has a translated version.
  4. Putting little kids near military targets.

    Dressing soldiers as civilians and then taking pot shots at our troops.

    Dressing civilians as soldiers.

    Putting snipers on the roof of the hotel where journalists are staying.

    Dressing up "victims" to piss off the world and point fingers at the U.S.

    Seems like some sort of reoccuring pattern here ...
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    And the information Minister had the gall to call the Abrams tanks in Iraq "Hollywood Trickery". Man who wrote his stuff??

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  6. Checked out the site - couldn't find the item. Maybe it'll appear later...

    If you or your friend could find it, there are a bunch of people who would love to send it around. I suspect that within about a day it would be all over the internet, and very quickly get picked up by major news outlets.
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    Yeah, I would really like that link. As well I read in a major Canadian newspaper today that major lines of Red Cross supplies were turned back to Jordan repeatedly by the Iraqis at the border. The Jordanians were flabbergasted by the Iraqi government's refusal to allow these badly needed medicines and supplies through.

    I'll try to locate a link.
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  9. I've been surprised by the "western" news sources and their apparent lack of fresh stories during this conflict. For example, two of the Arab news sources reported that the regime had rented out an entire hotel in Syria and that they started showing up on March 26th. I still haven't seen this story on CNN, ABC, FOX, etc., but it was reported LAST MONTH!!! This morning I heard a mention on ABC that some think the regime has fled, at least partially, to Syria. Just a little late folks. Plus, the western news always relies upon live footage and their own correspondents (multiple sources) which are inevitibly isolated to the Palestine hotel or limited by their "embeded" nature. I think we'll see most of this stuff in documentaries in a few years with eyewitness accounts by former Iraqi military personnel:)
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