Fake recovery due to trillions being printed; real test is job growth

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  1. I have no doubt in my mind that the gov't can print enough money to send the S&P to 1500 this year, but it's going to have a really tough time trying to fake sustained job growth.

    Therefore, there will be no economic recovery until we actually start creating jobs. Remember, we need 250,000 NEW JOBS every month just to keep up with population growth. I feel really bad for the spring graduates of 2009. They're going to have to return to their parent's home and take the McDonald's Assistant Night Manager position, if they're lucky.
  2. CNBSC had the new charge' of the former IndyMac (BankWest now, or something) on this morning and he told Joe 'Mr. Funny Guy' Kiernan that foreclosures would continue to tick up, 'obviously,' because the jobless rate will.

    How anyone here or anywhere else doesn't see the obvious is beyond me.
  3. We inflated our way out of the 2001 recession and since that worked so well, we're inflating ourselves out of this one.

    Can you imagine how big the next crash is going to be? It feels like the next bubble inflated will be in the stock market again. I think the next time the U.S. may completely collapse.
  4. We will be like Ecuador, offering bondholders 30 cents on the dollar. Except the problem is, we hold most of our own debt...
  5. Which means it's less of a problem, not more...
  6. wave


    The false economy started in 2000. They popped viagra pills and kept popping. Fed not reporting M3 Money Supply anymore, hmm.
  7. It means we are stuck with our massive debt
  8. Very suspicious indeed. Has anyone ever given a logical reason as to why they stopped reporting?
  9. Because the true growth of M3 from 2006-2008 if reported would have made you piss your shorts.

    Forget M3 now. Its M1. We're all monetarists now.

  10. I don't

    there is nothing more inefficient in this country than the educational system, i guess so long as they are still making money they could care less

    university degrees were a big deal in the 20th century, they will slowly become worthless as we go through the 21th century
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