Fake people posting opinions to build consensus!

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  1. http://www.protectourelections.org/index.php?q=node/169

    "RAW Story: Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people"

    "..crafted detailed proposals for software that manages online "personas," allowing a single human to assume the identities of as many fake people as they'd like."

    Lol - you may be having an argument online with a silicone chip!!

    In fact, a group of silicone chips may be trying to persuade you that your idea is completely wrong and their idea (or the guy/group who is paying for the programming) is the right one because they have a "consensus".

    It's gotta make you wonder how many of those Facebook accounts are real... :D
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    Some of the posters right here in the P&R section of ET aren't real persons. They are just software creations of liberal minds (which is a pretty easy task if you think about it).

    I won't name names but you bots know who you are. :D
  3. I'm glad you posted that. I wouldn't doubt it.
  4. Only a fake person would be swayed by opinions only.

    A real person wouldn't care if the argument was generated by a "real" person or a computer, they would just analyze the argument to see if it made sense.

    If I play chess against a "real" person, or a computer, from my side, the game is exactly same.
  5. This political phenomena was and is being explained, but I doubt Fox News viewers are paying much attention.

    The article below is a must read for anyone who wants to think for themselves, and understand what is going on.

    Amazingly, the article is nearly 8 years old, and rings true just as much today as back then.



  6. Don't you know your opinion does not compute...?

    My friend HAL agrees with me on this. :D :D
  7. Rush has them out done, he created an army of like minded followers to speak for him and he is in a large part responsible for the whole industry Fox, Hannity, Beck. They should be thankful to Rush. I don't think the Air Force can compete with mind control the old fashioned way.
    I travel a lot and every city seems to have several right wing Rush imitators. No way bots can compete with that.
  8. I love the way liberals think.

    You have it exactly backwards. There was a large group of people who supported conservative principles but were ignored and mocked by the dominant leftwing media, which had an agenda and wasn't about to let the needs of the country or actual fact to get in the way.

    Rush gave those people an alternative source of unbiased news and opinions that made sense.
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    Mind Control can only occur if you are stupid enough to allow it and fall for it. Sizable proportion of brainwashed and brain-dead Americans are ripe for the skinnin'.....dumbasses.
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    But... what if the stupidity, or lack thereof, is itself the result of mind control?!
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