fake linearity of life and complacency of people

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  1. I more and more realise why people are so complacent towards any risk in future it is because they extrapolate the present life like a straight line, that they forget that risk burst in non linear fashion for individual person or for a whole nation or whole world. This is funny that so many people speak about chaos theory but when as to reflect that in concrete reality they just don't have the mind ability to do so. That's why successful traders for years finished broken down, a nation switch from normal state to dictature and facism etc... without people even expecting it because they refuse the only possibility of occurence even when the risk gives sign of materialisation. It's like refusing to cope with losses and let them run people let the nations the whole world run into risk.
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    Seems like it. I've learned a lot about behavior in the last 15-20 years on the same job with a lot of the same people: No vision. That is the bottom line, abso-frigging-lutely no vision. No desire to gain vision or improve it, abso-frigging-lutely no desire. They do not get into anything, an investment, a new rideshare program, etc. until they see it happening. You can sell them krappy things like timeshares and whatnot because they CAN see it, just contrast it to things that require a little vision and they will go for the "real" thing. The people that are the visionaries and get things started are maybe 5% overall, maybe a lot less.


  3. Pourquoi est ce que tu n'affiches pas une version francaise mon vieux? J'ai du mal a te suivre des fois(je parle meme pas des graphiques!)
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    See Luis serven at lsevren@worldbank.com particularly life-cycle hypothesis of franco modigliani (1985 Nobel Prize.)

    If you like german as well see Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel a colleague of Luis.

    the paper: Psychological traits and trading strategies, out of Toulouse Univ is a neat one too.
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    Good thread. Agree with all the above.

    Most are lemmings to the sea....and the 5% with vision does seem like an interesting number, seems as though only about 5% of the population will become millionaires......any correlation, hmmmmmm.?????


    "Subscribers here by thousands float, and jostle one another down, Each paddling in his leaky boat, and here they fish for gold and drown. Now buried in the depths below. New mounted up to heaven again, they reel and stagger to and fro, At their wits' end. like drunken men. Meantime, secure on Garraway cliffs, A savage race, by shipwrecks fed, Lie waiting for the foundered skiffs, and strip the bodies of the dead."

    Framed and in my office.

    The market is a financial eco-system. Traders who never get it, will always provide food for us, the traders who do get it. You can lead a trader to a profit, but you can't make him take it. I can teach him / her how to take it, and if s/he won't take it I will.
    Traders nature will change one day, but not while I am alive. While I'm alive I will profit from it, and help other do the same.

    Things are the way they should be, if someone doesn't like the way they trade, they can change it or keep feeding.