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  1. There are so many fishy trading gurus out there.:confused:

    If you had come across some dishonest trading gurus/courses, come and share your experience here, so other traders can avoid costly mistakes.

    Here are a few that I've reviewed so far:

    1. Is Ricky Gutierrez A Scam? | Trading Course Review

    2. Is Live Traders A Scam? | Trading Course Review

    3. Is Rayner Teo A Scam And Does His Trading Course Strategy Works? | Rayner Teo Exposed

    For new traders, if there is anyone you're unsure about, feel free to post it here, and the more experienced traders in this forum can help to review them together.
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  2. G7FX

    Adam Khoo



    Institute of Trading

    Start with those I suppose.
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  3. Camtheman should be camthescam
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  4. El Trado

    El Trado

    Why have a list? They are all scams! Anyone that actually know how to trade successfully would make a lot more money trading than trying to find gullible gamblers on the net.

    As if James Simons one morning will eake up and think «Hmm. I should make a website and sell how I am operating for 29 bucks. That will be something....»
  5. zdreg


    Where is the short short list of the real thing?
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  6. R1234


    Beststockstrategy.com recently got a glowing review on tradingschools.org (Emmett Moore's site), which is extremely rare.
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  7. Dazz


    zdreg hit the nail on the head: I have a master list of 2071 futures trade rooms; thousands are pure scams - too many to list - better to list the real thing: rooms that trade in real time, with actual executions, show stops and tgts, shown P/L per trade trade, per day, per week.
    Trade for Greatness made $3250 last week, $1870 the week before, shows trades in real time, posts a track record and trades without any fancy indicators or strategies.
    Now some one else name a second such trade room??????????????????????
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  8. Here4money


    as a wise sage once told me:

    "if they're so god damn smart, why are they so god damn poor?"
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  9. Is the name Emmet Moore supposed to mean something? Who is he and what makes him credible? It also says he gets paid affiliate money - so IDK about that review.
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  10. Al Brooks course to if you are cheap to buy video course, buy his 3-books, you lose that much in an hour :)
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