Fake GDP Growth

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  1. I just think BLSH is being realistic! Just my $0.02.

  2. perhaps BLSH is an acronym for another term...

    just kidding,

    perhaps he is only highlighting the events and conditions that we find ourselves in....

    its called reality!
  3. So the US stimulus generated GDP growth is FAKE and the China stimulus generated GDP growth is REAL.

    Schiff at his best.
  4. if he has such negative bias why does he not short the heck out of this market? He only talks, I have never read a single post where he participates in a discussion that lets one conclude he actually is taking any risk.

    Aside his market bias he could help other posters with questions, add value to a broker discussion, voice his opinion on software or the world.....nothing...he posts sarcastic website links each and every single time....makes one wonder about this poor soul....



    Everything in life is cycle based, human history is cycle based. A balloon always starts small & finishes with a burst. People that control wealth always come first & they will lie & put a spin until the time it stops working. Then another stage of a cycle starts when people are sent to war.

    It's the way this world always worked & will continue to work until the ultimate end. Why are you so surprised?

    If you can't beat them (you won't) either join them or accept your life as it was meant to be for the majority of us.

    "All you need is love" - J. Lennon


    P.S. All governments lie, unfortunately it's a fact.