Fake Chinese Products

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    These seem like edited pictures to me, they can't be real.. any photoshop experts?
  3. I beleive this photo is real. I live in Russian and 15 years ago we had a lot of home electronics with brands like: Panasoanic, Panasonix, sports wear with brands: Adibas, Adadis etc. I remember those products, even now those products sometimes occured in very cheap shops for poor people.
  4. lmao @ the Fuma - the last one on the first page. A Puma logo with a cigarette in its mouth.

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    I was surprized that China can even made fake egg during the bird flu period. Totally amazed.
  6. the picture of PAMA shirt in the PUMA store, that is actually a novelty shirt in korea. Pama means permed hair in korean , so its a picture of a puma with a perm. lol.
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    This are not fakes, but imitations.
    You can tell by their prices.

    <img src="http://elitetrader.com/vb/attachment.php?s=&postid=1479944">
  8. You know, I think wearing one of those Fuma shirts or driving the fake BMW around our north american cities would make a really good point to everyone who saw them.

    I also like a piece CNN did on these imitation Chinese products.
    The guy goes and buy a whole piece complete with a fake Rolex watch for around $100 and then goes to say :
    "The quality? Not as good, but if it was bought in America it would cost $2000!"

    So what point was he making, americans pay $2000 for the same low quality crap or that we mistakenly think price=quality and can't separate the two?

    Those Nikes no matter how genuine they are will still disintegrate within 2 years.
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