Fake "Canned" TV News

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  1. Are you aware that more and more "reports" presented on your local news broadcasts are canned and paid for by corporations or the government?

    No, there is no disclosure by the news station that these are actually info-mercials presented as news reports.

    Fake TV News

    Diane Farsetta on 'Fake News'
  2. It is a simple effective means to manipulate public's perceptions.

    An ignorant uneducated public, is so much easier to fool, so much easier to fleece.....

    Who decides what news, what facts if any are presented to the public? Who benefits?..........

    The old book and recent DVD Outfoxed was interesting.
    Add political campaign contributions to the mix, lobbying, FCC, kickbacks.... a well oiled machinery... if the wide public only realized....
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    It makes life easy for the news organizations. Somebody else prepares the news for them and they get paid to run it. Lots of movie reviewers just repeat what is in the handouts from the movie industry. It saves them the time and effort of going to see a film and generating an opinion. Remember the huge hue and cry against Soldier of Fortune magazine when it first appeared? What was that about really if not about the fact that they sent people with military experience into different places to get the low down and the big picture. The reporting coming out of SOF was so much better than the corporate pablum from the big news outfits, they could not refute it so they attacked it. I bought a copy at a newsstand once and the gal asked me if I wanted it in a bag so people could not see what I bought!! Those attacks from the big press are pretty effective if that is any evidence. They attacked the ads for knives and for mercs for hire but their response was so big for such a small magazine that it had to be about something else, it was the reporting. They don't attack RAP music at all, it is about weapons and warriors essentially, fine with the pablum press however.
  4. Which helps to explain all the bozos here in chit chat who still think Bush is wonderful.

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