Fake bid on MER?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY0BScalper, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Does anyone else think this deal is nonsense, just to give smart money one last chance to dump MER until the news breaks that "BAC cannot finance the MER takeover," or "BAC shareholders vote down the deal," or something else? I was thinking about this last night and planning to start shorting MER as a multi-month play with a max risk of $30... obviously at these price levels the risk isn't attractive, seems the market is as skeptical of the deal as I am.

    Why would BAC shareholders approve this deal?
  2. When Lehmen Motofuking bothers can go bankrupt anything can happen on wall street
    Merill Can get bought by Bank of america
    GS can bid higher for Mer
    Any fucking thing can happen
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    BAC can finance because its a stock swap. if the shareholders vote down the deal boy are they in for a ride when xlf gets decimated and mer files for bk
  4. i would vote down.

    mer looks like is in trouble. who would buy an ib for 50b when leh has filled c.11??

    this looks like another fed sponsored move in which some folks pay the bill while the big spenders leave unscratched. what is the fine print here? none knows but it is not clear to bac shareholders, this will not go through.
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    yes yes yes