Fake a sneeze while reading this.....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BSAM, May 18, 2006.

  1. BSAM



    Come on do something!
  2. Surdo


    I guess you do not watch Bonds or Fx?
  3. Amnesiac


    What did you expect after a 240 pt drop in the dow?
    A sideways day after a big move is very normal. I guess we'll see more volatility tomorrow with the option expiry..
  4. cnms2


    I guess Somebody up there heard you and acted. Wasn't this your wish? If not, you should be more specific in your requests ... :)

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  5. BSAM


    That's right. When BSAM speaks, Wall Street listens!

    It's quite obvious that all Market Makers and Specialists keep an eye on EliteTrader.com during the day! See, they're really standing by, just to help us out! ;-)

    Maybe I'll try this again tomorrow.:D