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  1. throughout the centuries, men have looked upon the stars to find religion. we should looked within ourselves for the answers.
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    Yeah, like in a Lord of the Flies kinda way.
  4. kingcobra, I looked within and found the following answer!

    There's a magnetic vortex located center, next to the heart and just behind the heart (closer to the spine) about an inch, and varies in location depending on the individual a few inches up or down.

    science is on the threshold of moving into a new era of scientific understanding that will reveal energy to be generated by patterns of attraction rather than patterns of resistance. What is currently known about electro-magnetism has its roots in a primary attractor field where there are no polarities or scarcities. Magnetism may be viewed as either derivative or primary, depending on ones level of understanding. In its primary condition there are no polarities and no scarcities. Now contemplate a civilization in which energy is not a commodity over which to fight or hoard.

    Can you see how that would change everything?

    Love is the primal cause, first and foremost. Primal magnetism is the physical agent of love. Primal magnetism applied to physical existence is compression. Magnetism attracts. As it attracts, it compresses. The entire universe is built on compression. This is the law of energy. Compression generates energy, expansion releases it, and every new compression generates new energy. This new energy comes from beyond what's known as the conservation field familiar to science. Estimate that the physical universe that presents us with mass and density, including the conservation field, represents only 1% of all that is. The new energy generated by primal magnetic compression comes from an infinite supply of energy currently beyond science, but not for long.

    Love is constant in it's potential, although there are no limits to it's net production. The yield that can come from love is literally unlimited, as every new attraction and compression creates even more energy. It is through that power that the universe continues expanding even though thermonuclear forces proceed without end to consume structure.

    Love is intelligent. It is the highest intelligence existing, far outstripping the mind. As such, love creates solutions. Love, through magnetism and compression acts directly upon the primal particles of the universe. These are the particles that create mass. All other particles known to science are the result of mass. These particle units are utterly generic in nature, and are the basic, irreducible components of physical existence.

    Love is able to rearrange any structure by working directly upon the particles that make up structure. There is not a single structure that cannot be superceded and rearranged by love. If you want to multiply anything, all you need to do is take one part or sample, and love it enough.

    If structure was the lord and master of existence, wherever there was only one fish, it would remain that way. The reason is that one fish represents the boundaries and molecules which embody one separate entity. What structure defines is separation. In separation, structure prevails, therefore structure is the lord of scarcity. If one considers all the basic particles, all the spirit, and all the love within one fish, the infinite potential is unfathomable. It cannot be contained, and needs only a propelling force to become the many.

    Until you understand that any structure can be rearranged by love, you would not understand how to multiply fishes. You can multiply and expand anything. With enough love, one thing becomes the many.

    This is the scientific basis for miracles. Faith is the conviction that your right action will result in the fruits you desire. When we become conscious that we ARE love, and that love is the center of the magnetic vortex within us, we can begin moving mountains. To become conscious of who we ARE as love, we must kill the fictional identities we have created for ourselves by embellishing illusions of separation from the love that God is, and the love that we are in Gods image. Then we may realize the dormant power residing within us, and begin transforming this earth back into a garden of eden, starting at the vortex of our hearts.

    Have faith that as you kill off your fictional identities, you will begin to access the power of the love that you are. Righteousness is you being the love that you are. It means that you are right with yourself, right with your Source, and right with the one spirit. Simply be the love that you are. That is discovered and developed though a right relationship with the heart.

    The heart is a powerful magnetic center that generates life energy for the body and the soul and draws to you all the needs and requirements of your life. Within the Sacred Chamber of your heart, you will feel the presence of your Creator and be annointed with His righteousness. From these holy communions, higher intelligence will be revealed to you, and through them, righteousness will come to your life.

    Well, that's all the answers I got this time. I'll check back later.

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