Faith Based Trading – Prayer for Profit

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  1. I was wondering if anyone out there has had any luck with a Faith Based Trading System. A simple Pray and hold strategy. I have heard this works well for Jesus and Pals and thought some people might actually have tried this method. I have seen the size of many of these well established religious institutions and they are obviously successful. The Prey and Hold Method works for them very well and it seems to have a very, very, very long track record that is always producing profits in all economic climates (including the dark ages).

    I understand that prayer can cure just about anything and feel strongly that many of the faithful people should put it to the test for financial gains. Please let me know if this has worked for anyone and how well you did. Don’t leave out any details as I am eager to hear you results.

    Thank You in advance for you Faith in Jesus and Pals!
  2. Seven posts and here he is, in the basement.

    My vote, JakeJones.
  3. fyi: You misspelled Santa.
  4. No I am not Santa Helper. I am Satan's Helper working for the bad ass dude that is red just like Santa but rewards you when you are naughty and not nice. He is the one we call the "Dark Lord" but you may also know him as:

    • The Devil
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    • Beelzebub
    • The Anti-Crist
    • El Diablo
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    Good luck with that and live long. Because death is going to be Hell. :D :D
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    e^(Pi*i) +1 = 0
  7. a question just came to mind. since god is all knowing and all powerfull he should be able to open a futures account and get all the money he needs.
    why then does every preacher every sunday in every church in america ask of money for gods work?
  8. One can only speculate as to the amount of prayer these modern day preachers and their flock must be putting into , in their quest for the Holy Grail of trading , simply because they believe they are the chosen ones.:).
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    You'll lose your shirt trading this way, but I believe that as a Christian you're supposed to give up your shirt.
  10. Because having people "GIVE" is God's way.

    "Stealing it" is the liberal way.
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