Fairy Tale of Canary Wharf

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    with apologies to the Pogues and the late, great Kirsty McColl

    It was Christmas Eve shag,
    Down the Mithras,
    An old trader said to me, won't see another one
    And then he sang a song
    About the dollar yen,
    And he said to me,
    We’ll see the lows again

    Got on a lucky one
    Cable fell from two to one,
    I've got a feeling
    This year's worth a bob or two,
    So happy Christmas
    I love my job you see
    I can see a better time
    When all my dreams come true

    We’ve got cars big as bars
    We’ve got rivers of gold
    But the market goes right through you
    It's no place for the old
    When you first took on me
    Back in 1983,
    You promised me
    A big bonus was waiting for me

    I was fast
    I was quick
    But a little bit thick,
    When the market stopped buying
    It looked for some bids
    The screens were all pinging,
    All the dealers were singing
    We booked a big profit
    Then danced on the desk

    And the boys in the CDS room
    Were singing away
    And the bells were ringing out
    For Christmas day

    You're a bum
    You're a punk
    Our bonds are now junk
    We’d certainly be dead if it weren’t for the Fed,

    You scumbag, you maggot
    You cheap lousy faggot
    Happy Christmas your a&*e
    I pray God it's our last

    I could have been someone
    Well so could anyone

    You worked for Citi Bank
    When I first met you
    I took on your book
    I merged it with my own
    Can't make it all alone
    I've built my P&L around you