Fairness doctrine is proof most liberals are socialist

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  1. achilles28



    Regulate and curb the 1st Amendment under "Protection Laws" and "Hate Speech".

    Great idea. To hell with the first amendment, eh Dave?!

    You Liberals "know better" than those right-wing radicals.

    Best to shut them down and eliminate the opposition!

    Zeig Heil! Zeig Heil!

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  2. Do an experiment. Turn up your stereo as loud as it can go.

    Tell your neighbors it's "The first amendment" then scream "Seig Heil" at them in a crazy fashion, like you ranted here.

    See how far your "freedom" gets you before you get arrested.

    Your freedom stops when you're bugging your neighbors -- especially on public property.

    And airwaves are public airwaves.
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  3. It's a matter of CHOICE, you dolt.

    You know how you turn on the TV, and it's on Fox, so you CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL?!?

    Or you're on the internet and you CHOOSE TO GO TO DAILY KOS OR MOVEON.ORG and choose NOT to go to townhall.com?!?

    Or you turn on the radio, and it's playing heavy metal, but you prefer Milli Vanilli, so you CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL?!?

    You have the power, Mr. American Citizen, to pick and choose what you want to listen and watch. No one is holding a gun to your moonbat head and forcing you to tune the channel to the EIB network or Hannity.

    We wouldn't even be having this conversation if Air America had been successful, and you know it.

    You moonbats are all for "equality" just as long as the scales fall your way.

    I never realized how truly stupid you were until I read your post.

    Please be the one who ends your family's tradition of mating with one another. Better yet, take a vow of celibacy.
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  4. According to Bigdave any company that uses a big horn to call attention to themseleves should be illegal. Pretty much all advertising should be illegal than bigdave?

    Every statement you make brings up so many problems with your logic bud.

    You would try and convince someone jumping off a bridge is logical if it had something to do with making far left liberals look good.
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  5. Sounds reasonable. Why'd the Republicans get all upset about a nipple on tv, then? Or swearing on tv?

    If the government can regulate swearing (something that the Republicans embraced and ran with regularly) it's reasonable that they can regulate other aspects of the public airwaves, for the goal of keeping the electorate informed.

    That's a great recipe for an uninformed electorate.

    Republicans tried to ban heavy metal, too.

    On the contrary, Republicans are always complaining that the media is biased against them and this is one way to rectify it.
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  6. Nope. That would be silly.

    Why does making the liberally biased media cover the Republican point of view upset you so?
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  7. Arnie


    The last time we had the Fairness Doctrine, we didn't have the internet. If it is passed again, it could present some fantastic opportunities.

    Imagine MSNBC and CNN having to comply while people like Rush and Hannity take their programs off the public airwaves and put them on the 'net?


    What else ya got? :D
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  8. You said you believe in regulating the amount of time conservative get to talk on the radio. Convince me that liberals would not overstep this regulation into other areas of business.
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  9. Sounds fine to me. It's only the public airwaves that are regulated.

    Although, there's no reason why they'd have to pull out. It doesn't apply to individual editorial programs, just overall. And Neo, the fairness doctrine doesn't even mean equal time, just that contrasting views are presented .
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  10. Fine. Convince me that liberals won't overstep into other forms of business.
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