Fairness doctrine is proof most liberals are socialist

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  1. Look, Bush kills people, so I think he's earned his hatred.
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  2. Why is that Urban(more educated more cosmopolitan more enlightened) areas are more likely to be democratic and rural areas (least development and progress) are more likely to be republican?

    Why is fox news successful? Simple. Fox news offers nothing challenging in terms of worldview to joe sixpack.

    FoxNews banks on rabid patriotism saying that USA is the greatest, the richest, the hottest, the more hard working, etc, etc. Anyone who expresses any doubts about is immediately labeled "blame america first liberal" Sarah Palin is a folk hero to those people.

    To people like me Palin is a hopelessly stupid, crude bimbo who should be confined to a log cabin. Let her hunt moose and drink moonshine but stay away from office of any national importance (Alaska can go to hell) Simple as that.

    Liberal radio offers analysis and debate instead of stupid "god bless america" answer for everything.
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  3. achilles28


    What do you think Clinton did in Bosnia? And Iraq?

    Wake up, stooge.

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  4. wjk


    I won't debate you on the reasons for hatred, I'm just saying there is plenty on each side, and each side can find reasons to justify it, percieved or real.

    I personally believe man's ultimate goal is to destroy himself. I believe there will always be hate. As long as man is compelled to control other men for whatever reason, there will be hatred, war, and death.
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  5. wjk


    One possibility is there are more people dependent on gov in urban areas. Many, myself included, are more than content to live our lives dependent on our own abilities, and not have individuals who happen to have more education tell us they know better how to run our lives than we do. This concept, in the context of previous posts, breeds hate.
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  6. Farmers are some of the most subsidized people in the country btw. Your argument is full of it. People in the city are more educated more successful and smarter, anyone trying to argue that is kidding themselves.
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  7. Stopped killings and refugees, actually. All without a single US soldier killed in combat. And did it in cooperation with others, who helped pick up the cost.

    Pretty fucking amazing, actually.

    Embargoes are not even in the same league as Bush.

    He created four million refugees.

    He has caused somewhere between several hundred thousand and a million deaths.

    Do you know what the word "equivocation" means?
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  8. Brandonf

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    The majority of the population does not go to college, in either rural or urban area's. In most urban area's the HS graduation rate is around 50/50 to 2/3 while in the rural area's it is 75 to 80%. Students in the rural districts tend to test MUCH higher vs those in urban areas. This particular theory does not hold too much water.
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  9. Brandonf

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    Your "judging" people you don't even know. How dare you, you wicked hate mongrol you!
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  10. wjk


    Do you mean in the suburbs, or the ghetto? I have lived 75% of my life in urban areas and it did not change how I feel.

    The arrogance of some of the educated is why there will always be a divide. Some of the smartest people I've ever known are the dumbest fuckers alive outside of the classroom. Not all, but some.

    I will concede your point about farmers and subsidies, though. Point taken. I saw something the other night about that. On the other hand, the lady didn't even know why she was getting a check from the gov. Says alot about the gov.
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