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  1. JamesL


    What's the over/under for the SOTU tonight on how many times Obama uses "Fair share" in his speech? 5?
  2. pspr


    Or the word "invest" or "investing". The big spender will probably use this "I" word at least half a dozen times.
  3. LEAPup


    Onazi: "I have a dream... I have a vision for how I can help destroy...er, I mean help America."

    Sorry guys, I won't be watching the king give his speech.
  4. is this the Ku Klux Klan bigot post?!
  5. LEAPup


    I don't recall anyone of the above posters referencing race in this thread of ANY sort. Of course, we all know who the TRUE racists are: flaming liberal (lunatics) like yourself, so bravo for showing your true "colors."
  6. You're are talking about those old time Democrats.....The ones who are always first to bring up race.....kinda of like you here.
  7. Revenues+fair share

    Over 50. +5 std.
  8. LEAPup


    Notice how icehead lobs a bomb in the thread, then doesn't return after he's called out on the inaccuracy of the claim? Typical lunatic democrat.
  9. He suffers from adult ADHD, amongst other mental illnesses. He's been around these forums for years and proven himself batshit, fucking crazy a million times over.

    I just have to wonder who in their right fucking mind would hire his sorry ass to represent them in court.

    Seriously, picture that lunatic pulling this sort of thread hijacking in a court of law.
  10. lol . . . he scored , and he's moved on.:D.
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