fair r/t emin rate

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by milnarf, Mar 1, 2008.

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    Looking at various brokers to trade the emini es and er.
    What is a fair competitive total round trip rate assuming I average
    say 25 turns a day. Thanks for the help!
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  3. Transact $3.42/RT There is a platform fee of $400. If you do approx. 18 RT/day or more, the platform is free.
  4. Transact raised their rates a while ago to $3.76/RT. You need to do 14 RT/day or more to get the platform free.
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  6. Agree. Sub $4.00 RT all-in is a fair rate and is available at many brokerages who negotiate.

    But why would you recommend IB with a 10K opening requirement and $4.80 RT all-in for ES and ER, which is what the OP is interested in. Based on the OPs interest, from a pure commision standpoint MBTrading with a published 2.25, $4.50 RT all-in rate, no volume quota, 2K opening requirement beats IB handily.

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    Rich Bear, you yourself say it: who Negotiate

    Im not recommending OP go with IB. Just posted that to give him an idea of a starting point in terms of commish for whatever size lvl he ramps up to in the future.

    One of the things I hate though completely understand is brokerage commish structure. It's so Tijuana merchandise haggling.

    Few brokers have the gonads to post rates, or it's a teaser rate, or it's a to use car sales vernacular "full pop" rate whereas if you just call the broker and say "what can you do on commish?" 90% of the time he'll quote you a lower rate than what's posted on website.

    You get the rate you argue for unfortunately. At least with IB's rates as beginning pt, OP wont get reamed too badly.