fair price for commision

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Darshan, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Darshan


    I'm paying $3/1000 shares... is this a competitive price? I trade about 750K-1m shares a month
  2. Dustin


    that's fair
  3. if prop its fair but if retail its high.
  4. OK, I'll take the bait. Who are all the retail brokers with all-in rate less than $3/1000 ?
  5. IB's $0.005/share = $5/1000

    Bundled, all in.
  6. i never said all in rate. its plus or minus ecn's. .003 is high for retail for 1 mil vol plus or minus ecn's. its up to each to sniff out the best rates.
  7. .003 for 1 million or less per month is great.

    750k-1million a month is not much volume. Many guys do 10 times that much or more per month.
  8. if .003 for 1 mil vol is a good rate for retail then all i can say is your negotiating skills are suspect. my negotiating skills are second to none and i'll just say the rate i have for 1 mil or more would boggle your mind. when you provide your own funds you control the game. if you are prop and need leverage then its much tougher as you need something. some day you ought to dig real deep and understand how low clearing costs are and what overide a big llc makes on 1 mil vol at .003