Failure: The secret of success

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  1. The engine blows up on the race track, they gather up all the parts of the engine in a 5 gallon bucket. An engineer looks at the pile of parts in the bucket and begins to worry, what if we didn't pick up all of the parts and left some of them on the track? The competition may pick up the pieces we left behind and steal our ideas.

    Point being, we may laugh at who would want what just blew apart? We learn from failure.

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    Thanks for posting that.
  3. Great video. Thanks.
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    nice vid, yep I agree totally. To be successful, you need to fail and fail and fail.

    I wish I could have known or was taught this concept in my earlier trading days. I would have still got some hair on my scalp ;)
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    Nutmeg,thanks for the video. Very cool :cool:
  6. Orange.. :)
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    Nice Video :D

    failure is ok till the time one learns from it and does not repeat the mistakes.......will remember! thanks again :cool:
  8. I was fortunate to have a couple of good boss's early in life. Looking back, I think they were innovators in their prime and had run out of steam, then I came along.

    These guys let me try anything, I know I had dozens of duds but no one gave it a second thought, we just looked for something new to try. The winners? Well, you'd get the high fives and how'd you come up with that? I never thought it was anything extraorinary, it was just doing something in a long line of doing something and it worked out well.

    When I first worked for myself, basically it was taking an ordinary business and deciding to do what no one else wanted to do, the shit jobs, the don't wants, the jobs others refused to do. The more I did the crummy jobs the better I got, the more demand for my services, the more pricing power I had.

    Frankly when you bid the shit jobs, their is nothing to lose, the customer is at their wits end, if you walk away, no one will blame you for failing but if you succeed ........
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    as long as you learn from that mistake.... and own it. what a great concept... thanks for sharing.
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