failing to test swine flu vaccine

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  2. Once you understand how epidemic influenza can easily be prevented and cured there is no need for vaccines.

    Vitamin D levels greatly impact the immune system and the susceptibility to infection and viruses. One's body produces vitamin D only when the skin is exposed sunlight and thus vitamin D levels fall during the winter causing cold and flu season. If the people in charge of our health had any competence at all and cared more about our health than pharmaceutical profits they would be encouraging people to go lay out in the sun or to be swallowing vitamin D capsules.

    --Cannell et al. Virology Journal 2008 5:29

    The following article is from the Bird Flu several years ago but the same treatment works with any type flu.
    --Robert F. Cathcart,M.D.

    More Vitamin D Refences and Information:

    Move Vitamin C References:
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    I took D3 this winter and took Omega3's the last couple of years and never had the seasonal depression that I've had every winter for decades.. flu doesn't bother me much either, I've been taking vitamins for a decade and really, I don't think I've had an illness, nothing memorable at least..

    150-300 grams of Vitamin C, that's nearly a third of a kilo of the stuff, what form is it in? It should be like a loaf of bread or something, or liquid, capsules are a half gram or so...
  4. How many IU of D3 were you taking during the winter, I take 3000-4000 IU in the winter per day.

    150-300 grams of Vitamin C may be necessary when someone is very ill with the flu. When I am in good health more than 1 gram every 4 would cause me to reach bowel tolerance. Vitamin C comes in capsules up to 1 gram and in powder form that can be dissolved in fruit juice. When someone is ill it can be given intravenously.
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    Still an important page as flu season in the US begins, with all the domestic "news" and advert terrorism from the media shills. I used to get respiratory illness all the time living in the far north, now I don't as I moved to 1200 iu, then better, 2000 iu vitamin D. I take 100mcg - 250 mg extra vitamin K1 to go with D, with a no iron multi, 2.4 cents. I take these along with selenium and C, taking gram tablets of C 4 to 5 times for more steady blood levels. Saved a bundle on medical bills (and years alive) that otherwise progressed to secondaries treated with steroids(!) and super antibiotics after several weeks deterioration. My elders now take 5000 iu D3 in winter.

    I am getting ready to go to 200 mcg K1 + 200 mcg K2 tablets semi-permanently to complement the vitamin D.

    Thanks to Matt8200 for the study link, .