Failin' with Palin on QE

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    All the little libertards still worried about Sarah Palin, when it's Obama putting us more and more into trillion dollar debts with each passing day. Typical liberal moron garbage, which is prime example why Democrats lost their House majority in record numbers, plus 6 Senate seats. :D :D :D
  2. Yep, biggest shift since the great depression... :D

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    Biggest crisis since the Great Depression.
  4. Yep, the crisis is what preceded and was the catalyst for said shift... Congrats left wingers!! LOL!!!

  5. Most of these jokers on this forum have stopped reading beyond the headlines and don't comprehend what the OP is illustrating, namely:

    "The misinformation regarding QE has caused severe market distortions in recent weeks as investors misinterpret the effects of QE. The one thing I agree with Mr. Beck and Mrs. Palin about is that QE is a bad idea, though I disagree with them for vastly differing reasons. Spreading fears about “money printing” and big government intervention are not only misguided and irresponsible, but extremely harmful to the country."
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    The POTUS has been spreading fears about collapse and the need for government intervention since he got into office.. bailouts are loved by politicians, it puts tons of money through their sticky little fingers but history shows that it never works!!
  7. Why don't you rack up the number of hours Palin and Beck has been on the air doing their fear mongering and compare that to the few sentences that president Obama has spoken on the subject. Please tell us what the number are.
  8. Recent history:


    Yep, sho 'nuff didn't work.

    Do any of you righties do anything besides scratch your balls between posting?
  9. You forgot a chart:


    Carry on with your ball licking...
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