Failed Integration

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    In New York, "the segregation in the schools reflects segregation in the housing market," said John Logan, who conducted the Mumford center study. While New Yorkers think of this as a progressive city, it is, Logan said, "one of the most segregated cities in the country in terms of blacks and whites."

    But the city has had little success implementing policies that might reduce the effects that housing segregation has on schools.


    Apparently nobody wants integration, but liberals still try to force it upon the people. The people that never wanted it, never voted for it and try to escape it as soon as it appears on the horizon.

  2. sorry but only liberal crime committing MINORITIES want integration.. the rest would rather have the rif raff as far away as possible
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    Actually, people who travel tend to be ok with integration. I am fortunate to have lived all over the world--I don't have much fear of "other".
  4. Yeah, as long as you live in your white neighborhood and send your kids to all white private school. As Salvador Dali once said, "Let idiots remain in blissful self oblivion"
  5. Enjoy your oblivion, estrader.

  6. Personally, I've experienced the opposite.

    They say that 'travel is fatal to prejudice', but I say that's bullshit.

    Well, it's sort of true. But my 'prejudice' was of the form that 'humans are all the same'. But the more I've learnt and seen of the world, the more and more it seems to me that humans are most certainly not all just the same. It's sad in a way, because I was happier believing in feel-good liberal 'one-world' fantasies. But I could only go on ignoring my lying eyes for so long before I just had to accept that things are not as liberals say they are.

    Ricter, I think your views are just flat-out wrong, but I can accept that you're sincere in them. (Though why you are is a mystery to me, since you never actually debate anything.) I can only hope you live long enough to see the disastrous effects your kind of thinking will have on the quality of life in your country and mine in the years to come.
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    Ricter spends much of his time in lilly white Canada. Reminds me of libs I know who live in Chicago's suburbs. They preach diversity, equality, integration, ect., yet on some subconscious level they must have selected their home cognizant that few minorities live within twenty miles of them. Of course they'd say, "we bolted the city because we wanted a SAFE community with good schools".....
  8. WARNING: Racist sentiment expressed ahead. Liberals, proceed with care.

    I wonder just how "lilly white" Canada is going to stay, given that it has the most insane immigration policies of any western country. (They import the highest number of third world hacks per capita.)

    And about your last point, if you point out that keeping Canada "lilly white" as possible is actually the best insurance there is of "safe community" and "good schools" - ie if you give people what they want - then you're the worst person in the world.

    Well, unless the immigration is East Asian, anyway. With East Asians you actually get safer communities and even better schools. So in that sense, even though my Australia seems set to get swamped by Asians in the coming decades - yes, we've sensible poli's at the moment, keeping the tide at bay, but, seriously, how long can that last? - it will probably be a prosperous country for many years after the event. But personally, I just don't fancy the prospects of being surrounded by a sea of Asians. I know that's pure racist, but fuck it. It's also a most profoundly felt human emotion to wish to associate with people most like yourself. Asians, especially Chinese and Japs, I know they're nice, quiet, studious guys, but fuck it, I would never want to live in Japan, Hong Kong or Taiwan (prosperous places, all), so why should I pretend that I would welcome my country being turned into one of them? Honestly, I would rather live in a Mexicanized or Hispanicized America. At least with my Mediterranean complexion and Spanish language skills (however limited they are, I'm a quick learner and would reach fluency in no time) I could feel that I fit into such a society; even if that means living poorer, so what, money isn't everything...

    Lol, what about the poor old Europeans? You guys copped the Hispanics, we Aussies cop the Asians, but those poor pricks copped the worst of the lot, the Muslims. At least we can be grateful for that! (Actually, Arabs aren't that bad; as people, I find them much preferable company to Asians. If only they could cast off the infernal Islamic religion. Like if they converted to Catholicism. Man, that would be awesome. Who knows? It may yet happen; God working in mysterious ways and all that...)
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    I said this before. I was in NYC public schools when they started the intergration crap. Whites ran out of the city so fast it would make your head spin. And for all those that it oh prejudiced mother fucker. I say this.

    While in elementary school I got in plenty of fights. After busing it was how you had to prove yourself if you wanted to be cool.

    However when I got to seventh grade. I got held up by knife point 3 times for my bus pass. (which incidently I did not have because I was on a private bus from a nice neighborhood and not part of the NYC bus system.

    That 3 times I got mugged and had to show them I did not not have a valuble buss pass.

    I say that was dangerous. when I got older and bigger the confrontations would have been more tense. If you think busing is good. You are a frigging head in the sand dope or you are talking out your ass from a place of no experience.

    Needless to say when my mom heard about this we moved to Greenwich Ct. Where the minorities were like rich kids compared to the hard asses in new york. Honestly the minorities in Greenwich trying to act all tough was fricken theatre to me. Not that I was all that hard. It was just they were so soft yet acting tough.
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    Canada lily white? Lmao, it's nowhere close to that.

    Anyway, my views are confusing to you because you confuse skin color with behavior, so you can't see how you might get along with the differently colored family next door. But my experience is that yes, there is racism, coming from all "races", but the longer you spend with someone of another race, as a neighbor, as a coworker (my jail was full of minorities, as most of them are), as a fellow student, you two begin to see life through each other's eyes, you become friends. Of course that won't be true of every single person you meet, of any hue.

    You see in the news that it's minorities with the greatest association to undesirable behavior, never stopping to think about the fact that the majority group has has got zero reason to misbehave or even be angry. Your anger is fake, comparatively speaking. Furthermore, you don't want to know about how minority individuals feel because it interferes with your conception that the playing field is level and they are merely lazy. This in spite of watching hidden video showing racism alive and well in 2006. But we don't need video, we have you right here perpetuating the racism you decry in others.

    You accuse me of having this perspective because I live in a lily white place, but it's actually the exact opposite. You have the fear of other because all you know about them is what you see in the news, forgetting that the news only reports bad news 99% of the time. It's you who are in lily white land.

    We don't do the right thing because others have met the conditions. We do them because they are the right thing to do, and we pay the price. Death before dishonor. Give me liberty or give me death. Hell, you're no where near giving your life for principle, we can't even get you to shut your trap for a principle.
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