Failed A Up on Dow today

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  2. Apparently the market thinks that a slowing economy is good because as soon as the economy slows everyone will rush out and borrow as much money as possible. What happens when credit growth cant be forced any longer?
  3. A up is a daytrade with reference to Fisher's ACD Method. Armchairing has nothing to do with it.
  4. Consistency isn't one of the Fisher Method (Logic used figuratively) strong suits.
  5. come on now ... from what little I understand well about the logical trader ... trading the dow is not one of them

    it just is not volatile enough on short term basis
  6. Yeah for the DOW, perhaps trying a longer timeframe from what I've seen works better.

    Interesting enough though, the DAX and CAC-40 futs this AM made an A(up) today... Fisher recommends a 10 min opening on his lil 'cheat sheet' for both of these.. Worked out quite well, even though they didn't start moving until a bit later...
  7. 100% agreed. ACD patterns rarely manifest themselves on the indices. Was just using it as shorthand to illustrate what I think will happen today.
  8. Are you referring to the open loss that trading ACD often necessitates? If so, agreed, in which case the question reverts to the use of prudent leverage.

    If you are, however, insinuating that ACD doesn't work for many instruments, then again, I agree. If it worked for everything it would have been invalidated long ago, much like it was for the futures, which routinely go up and down through thier opening ranges (however you measure that, which is a problem in and of itself with the futures).
  9. Both but more related to its open application to many markets. Consistency is a psychological imperative for anyones continued success in their trading.
  10. What value you guys using?
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