Fail this question you should give up trading

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  1. Very simple question yet so many recruits get it wrong why?

    Lets see how many people can come up with the right and wrong answers.

    2 Cars are traveling from opposite directions towards each other, each car is traveling excatly 50Mph, a bird flying along side one of the cars is traveling at 60 Mph how much miles will the bird cover back and forth between each car after 1 hour?

  2. none. the two cars crashed together head on and killed the bird in the process.
  3. what is the distance between the two cars
  4. fhl


    60, but how is it traveling alongside the car?
  5. eagle


    The distance is zero since the two cars crashed, fatal head collision. Stupid drivers and poor bird. :D

    By the way, the problem description is not clear. Then how could you expect the right answer? Many.

  6. Its a trick question, birds do not fly at 60 mph :D
  7. Lets pretend they do s/brid/eagle
  8. 60 miles.
  9. If you can tell me how it would help me or prove I can read a price chart and know when to go long ES futures, I will bother doing it LOL....

    Sounds like a typical question interviewers ask just to seem smart when they are no better than Alex Trebek in Jeapordy asking a difficult question with the answer sitting right there in front of them :D
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