Fading Yourself

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  1. I'm I the only one who thinks I have a genuis idea, implements it, sees it sucks, then switch the buy and sell buttons and find I've got a great system? I seem to get some of my best strategies this way.
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    you can't you will be you no matter what.
  3. The moment you start thinking in terms of fading yourself, you have already conceded defeat...
  4. Open two accounts. For one use signals from one of paid services that trade mechanical systems. They can be faded at times with good success because they are mechanical. The other account should be used for your discretionary trades that fade the other trades. I do not mean fading all of them, but selected ones that you think are destined to be bummers. This way you could even make money in both accounts.
  5. my most profitable trade ever began when i sold (shorted) instead of bought by mistake. anything can happen....

  6. Here's the situation...1st you decide to fad yourself cuz your soo good. then cuz you faded your original decision you made another decision so you must fade that decision, then fade the next decision, then the next decision, then the next decision, then the next decision,then the next decision, then the next decision, then the next decision,then the next decision,then the next decision,then the next decision,

    I can't do this anymore!!!!!!!!

    You see it's a never ending decision making process.
  7. I also had moments like that trading OEX options. They can move fast. I once bought a put but wanted to buy a call. Before I noticed the mistake (should I call it like that?), I made some $200 and got out.
  8. wally,

    my trade was in OEX options also.


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    This is a fairly common tactics in systems trading.
  10. yes, same thing happened to me yesterday. It was the best trade of the day. What's really funny is when you panic and try to correct the mistaken trade and accidently double size. Those are the ones that pay for all the thinking.
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