Fading the news when it arrives on CNBC

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Sky123987, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. because if you get the news from CNBC you are genearlly the last to receive the news. Might it be a good idea to fade the news once you hear it on CNBC
  2. I think your misguided belief that you get things prior to major news networks is laughable.
  3. except they do tend to sometimes break major news before anyone else so that would crush your strategy every once in awhile.

    most of the time cnbc is complete garbage but once in awhile, they throw out a gem.

  4. why was this moved to chit chat?
  5. Viper101


    Sometimes works sometimes doesn't.
    Check headline times with charts and you will see that some agreement. Often you will find movements for no reason, no news.

    Got lucky today on POT, briefing released negative news, then immediately shorted. Dropped 40 cents then recovered. Short scalp less than 20 seconds.