Fading opening moves

Discussion in 'Trading' started by runningman, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Anyone have success fading opening moves at around 9:45 or so? I've been pretty successful at it, but do it "by the seat of my pants" from IB Mobile Trader from work. Generally 15 min into trading we get a nice reversal when there's a gap open, like days like today. Anyone do this with any kind of system?
  2. Running,

    It would be so nice if trading were as simple as selling into an opening rally 15 minutes into the day. unfortunately the markets a little more random then that. There have been some reasonable reversals in the last few days off the opening but its not a constant.

    GOod luck to you running!

    Hedging had nothing to do with the original question.
  3. not sure what that has to do with anything that running was asking about ?
  4. you just don't fade a gap up for the sake of fading/ you need to have a damn good reason.
  5. Hey Runningman,

    Although I dont do it often on the open (I am usually away from my desk during the opening) I fade in most of my trades. Pretty much the opposite of trend followers in that I try to predict when the 'trend' will end.

    I am on my 7th or 8th up week since only trading this method. Not to mention my stress level has gone down a LOT.

    I think with the right entries and selection you can be profitable (surely hope so as thats how I am doing it.....LOL)