Fading ET or just ignoring it completely.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by areyoukidding?, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. I think the latter.
  2. I think it's best just to ignore flamers like you.
  3. I used to feel bad for you, when you told me that people constantly abuse you on this site. But, to be perfectly honest, you derserve it. You start way too many threads like this; how do you expect people to react?

  4. sorry, Steve. It was meant in reaction to all the people that overreact and consistently call the market incorrectly here. It was not meant about the site in general.
  5. I have this guy on ignore but unfortunately it doesnt tell me who originated a thread before I open it. This is one of the features that I have been trying to get Baron to install. Why cant we see the author of the thread before we open it.
  6. Sure you can. Just go to an individual forum before clicking on any threads. For example:


    I do that all the time. Another key advantage of doing it that way: the "new posts" icon does not work well on the main Forums page. Threads with no new posts since my last view of those threads are still marked with "new posts" icon for a while, even if I refresh my browser (Mozilla Firefox). False positives, you could say. But each individual forum page shows the time of the last post, which is 100% reliable vs. the always suspect "new posts" icon. Two birds with one stone.
  7. I guess Im just lazy. Id like to be able to see it on the home page.:)
  8. ktm


    I'm with you. I'd like some way to not see the garbage from those on ignore as well.

    Late apex, have you tried clicking on "mark all forums read" on the way out? That seems to work very accurately in terms of keeping the new posts icons correctly displayed on the main page.
  9. Your posts are your PnL barometer. When you start threads like this I know you've had another losing day. Maybe you should talk to coinz about starting a fund.
  10. ktm, thanks for reminding me. Yes, I've used that button occasionally, as a compromise of sorts. As you know, it clears the deck completely, in terms of unread posts throughout all ET forums, by its very design. Not what one would necessarily want, though OK sometimes.
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