Fading a Guru

Discussion in 'Journals' started by gotta_trade, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    If i start a journal fading a guru, what will happen?

    I'll use rock solid discipline (which I have) doing the exact opposite of a guru's strategy.

    If I do this, do you think I'll make money?

    I always wanted to do this.

    But before I select a guru and then select a strategy, (in all seriousness), what do you all think will be the end result?



    P.S. I'll post all entries, exits, and stops real time.
  2. Before I begin, I'll have to develop a trading plan.

    I'm gonna have to select a guru and a trading strategy.
  3. jfranco


    so if the guru sais buy here..your gonna sell here..? i think i have the right person to follow than lol
  4. Ok who?

    Keep in mind that i would like to do this as if I was really attempting to learn and profit from their strategy. I have to be able to develop a clear cut trading plan and follow it with rock solid discipline.
  5. Sometimes you'll be right and sometimes you'll be wrong. Gees sounds like fun. :cool:

    I hope Cramer isn't on your guru list.:D
  6. For starters, as far as money management is concerned, I think most gurus would recommend that I don't risk more than 2% per trade. I'll predefine my risk and not risk more than 2% per trade.

    Hey, I'm developing a trading plan.
  7. I'd like to find someone that offers the complete package. Entry, protective stops, profit targets, etc. A well known guru. Someone that unquestionably makes their money from teaching traders how to trade, you know a true guru.
  8. When I think of guru, people like Joe Ross, Larry Williams and Jake Bernstein come to mind. Pristine Trading too.

    Keep in mind that I need a somewhat clear cut strategy to follow.
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  10. I have to be somewhat decisive, so I'm gonna trade stocks EOD and I won't risk more than 2% per trade.

    I'm developing a trading plan!

    I gotta pick a guru!

    Keep in mind, I'm doing this to try to make money. I'll give it a fair chance.
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