Facts? Facts? How dare they check facts in "My Book!!!"

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  1. Palin accuses the AP of doing 'opposition research' in fact check
    By Michael O'Brien - 11/15/09 09:40 AM ET

    Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) went after the Associated Press on Sunday, accusing them of engaging in "opposition research" in fact-checking her forthcoming book.

    Palin blasted the AP's fact check of her new book, "Going Rogue," which says the former governor had gone rogue with some of the facts.

    "Amazingly, but not surprisingly, the AP somehow nabbed a copy of the book before it was released," Palin wrote on her Facebook page. "They're now erroneously reporting on the book's contents and are repeating many of the same things they spewed during the campaign and afterwards."
  2. What a pathetic group of professionals............

    Rogue's Eleven [Mark Steyn] National Review

    If you wonder why American newspapering is dying, consider this sign-off:

    AP writers Matt Apuzzo, Sharon Theimer, Tom Raum, Rita Beamish, Beth Fouhy, H. Josef Hebert, Justin D. Pritchard, Garance Burke, Dan Joling and Lewis Shaine contributed to this report.

    Wow. That's ten "AP writers" plus Calvin Woodward, the AP writer whose twinkling pen honed the above contributions into the turgid sludge of the actual report. That's eleven writers for a 695-word report. What on? Obamacare? The Iranian nuke program? The upcoming trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

    No, the Associated Press assigned eleven writers to "fact-check" Sarah Palin's new book, and in return the eleven fact-checkers triumphantly unearthed six errors. That's 1.8333333 writers for each error. What earth-shattering misstatements did they uncover for this impressive investment? Stand well back:

    PALIN: Says she made frugality a point when traveling on state business as Alaska governor, asking "only" for reasonably priced rooms and not "often" going for the "high-end, robe-and-slippers" hotels.

    THE FACTS: Although she usually opted for less-pricey hotels while governor, Palin and daughter Bristol stayed five days and four nights at the $707.29-per-night Essex House luxury hotel (robes and slippers come standard) . . .

    That looks like AP paid 1.8333333 fact-checkers to agree with Mrs. Palin: She says she didn't "often" go for "high-end" hotels; they say she "usually opted for less-pricey hotels." That's gonna make one must-see edition of Point/Counterpoint.

    Or is AP arguing "four nights" counts as "often"? Is that the point? AP assigned eleven reporters to demonstrate that four is a large number?

    Over at Powerline, John Hinderaker and his vast team of researchers (17 Minneapolis-area Somali jihadists, 29 ACORN-accredited child-sex slaves, and 43 unemployed Columbia School of Journalism graduates) fact-check AP's fact-checkers.

    Coming next:

    PALIN: How many AP fact-checkers does it take to change a lightbulb?

    FACT: Palin has gone seriously "rogue" in her facts here. AP fact-checkers are prevented per union regulations from changing lightbulbs.

    AP writers Matt Apuzzo, Sharon Theimer, Tom Raum, Rita Beamish, Beth Fouhy, H. Josef Hebert, Justin D. Pritchard, Garance Burke, Dan Joling and Lewis Shaine contributed to this joke. We'll be here all week.
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    Oh noes!! The evvvil media is out to get poor little Palin again!! Why can't they just leave her alone, stop asking easy questions, and take whatever she says as gospel. It's not fair!!
  4. Palin's a private citizen. I would respect them more if they took your advice and applied it to the President.
  5. Strawman

    Besides, Palin is a celebrity, and celebrities are fair game...

    ...or didn't you know that?

    If Palin really wanted to be a private citizen, she would not be on a book tour...whoring out a book she didn't even write, complaining about fact checks, for a book she didn't even write...

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    I like you. (no homo)
  7. Once again the media demonstrates its evenhandedness. Just as in the campaign, when they treated Palin exactly the same as Biden and Obama, now they are giving her book the same exhaustive fact check they applied to Obama's books.

    OK, just kidding...
  8. Why do you oppose fact checking Palin's book?

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    As long as you're underage, you have a chance.
  10. The usual suspects have tried to take over the thread and distract away from the subject, i.e. Palin's fear of fact checking of her book...
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