Fact or Fiction: The Great Options Trading Test

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    Fact or Fiction: The Great Options Trading Test
    Posted on 7/7/2008 in Trading & Technology
    by Stan Freifeld

    Options: Fact or Fiction?
    I‘ve been around the options markets for a long time. At least 15 years as a professional and several more as a public trader before that. Despite all of that experience, I am still constantly amazed by some of the "facts" I hear about options .

    These "facts" are often told to me as if they were written in stone. When I try to probe a little deeper to find the source of these "facts," I usually get some nebulous answer like "I know it's true, but I don't where I heard it."

    Well, today I'm going to clear up some of these issues. To make this more fun, I'll present it as a Fact or Fiction test. For each of the 11 statements listed below, circle either Fact or Fiction. (To protect your monitor, make sure to print this out before doing any circling.)...

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