Fact Checking a Debate That Hasn't Happened Yet

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wildchild, Oct 16, 2012.

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    A couple of weeks ago there was an idiot journalist who pretended that Al Gore won in 2000 and went so far as to lay out the scene of Gore's inauguration. Now we have some idiot journalists who are fact checking a debate that hasn't happened yet.

    I have an idea for journalists. How about you report what actually happened and try to insert as little bias into the story as possible?

    What Romney and Obama will say at the debate, and what’s the truth


    Debates matter. Everyone from the two presidential candidates to an enraged, post-debate Chris Matthews, venting on MSNBC, was recently reminded of this important election year detail. The meeting in Denver between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney changed the course of the race, catapulting the GOP challenger into a lead in many national polls and placing Obama on the defensive in several battleground states.

    Tonight's second presidential debate could be just as influential, making it equally important to get the facts straight as the candidates hustle for a victory on stage. The scope of discussion at the town hall-style event will increase, with questions from the audience on both foreign and domestic policies. Here's a cheat-sheet to help separate the fact from the spin.