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  1. Obama gives terrible news conferences.

    Boring. stuttering, run-on sentences, wandering, humorless,long-winded.

    Please stop.
  2. Mav88


    I think this man studied slick willie. The way he can look at audiences with a straight face and announce a plan to get his own budget under control, and sound smart doing it, reminds me of Clinton. An act and an image polished to give the voting majority of common people what they want, an actor who loves himself doing it, exactly what Dick Morris told Clinton to do, but this sort of crap only works on dumb hordes... I almost forgot.

    But it is interesting now that he doesn't have time to stand in front of ahh miror and ummr.. rehearse the script, and ahhh... I will stop and ahhh think about every word because ahh this is not ahhh really who I and I ahh am.