Facists in D.C. now trying to banish the good times you've had fishing!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Oct 14, 2009.

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    Coastal fishing, what can't throw my favorite rig in the surf? What a piece of shit legislation this will be, why in the hell are we sucking up to UN shit policies?

    Hang on fellas something tells me this is just the beginning.
  2. I'm fishing in a national tourney this weekend. This will go over real good...
  3. This has been on the cards for years in many different guises though its always hard to put a finger on the main parties behind these moves. Its not the UN or any particular party though there does seem to be blind cross party support for anything that has "conservation" in the title. The US fisheries are now so highly regulated the EU fishery rules look simplistic in comparison. I doubt the proposal will go through but its worth keeping an eye on it.
  4. It would never happen, if Obama had sons.
    Or a father.
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  6. I won't happen at all, at least not in its present form and this sh*t has been happening for over 10 years. Commercial fishermen warned the the sports fishing groups years ago that this would come around some time. Politicos from both sides of the house have been sucked in by the conservation groups and their lobbyists.
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    I would be honestly surprised if industrial fishing was not the real muscle behind this.
  8. What would they gain by restricting sports fishing in inshore waters where these new rules would apply as there is only one inshore industrial fishery of any importance and that is Menhaden which does not figure greatly as a sports fish. I don’t imagine the Bering Sea Pollock or Black Cod to be a great sports fishery either and its hardly likely that any commercial fishing groups would blow lobby money on spite alone.
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    I was thinking of the big frickin' salmon I used to catch (sadly, they are no more) and how much they would be worth today (besides winning the derby). I was also remembering the argument to kill seals since they eat commercially valuable fish.
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