Facing Issue Logging in

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  1. Hi, I have a little router login issue with my Dlink DIR-600. Whenever I am trying to login into my router, it keeps redirecting me to a different one.

    How do I fix it? Thanks
  2. Link is If you still face the issue, find the hard reset button on the back and reset it.
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  3. Overnight


  4. Hey, thanks for sharing the manual with me. I have already gone through it and restarted my router too but it doesn't work. I have even tried this routerlogin website for given but my username and password don't work.

    They are by default admin::admin
  5. Ultimate solution is Hard reset which will reset your dafault router page to and user name to Admin password (should be blank). Before you do that try this user name and password first. Because default is Admin and password blank (nothing). Not what you have written. admin admin
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