Facebook worth 60 billion someday?

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    it's priceless
  3. It's a self defeating model in my opinion. The bigger it gets the more valuable it becomes but only to a point----eventually it will be so large as not to have any value at all to marketers. Them back to the small niche sites and the cycle starts again.
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    What's the point that it stops at?
  5. When it becomes irrelevant.
  6. If every person on the planet bought everything they own from fb, then it could be worth a lot more. I think it was valued at 500 billion not to long ago.. per some memory of an article I read. Seems too high to me.
  7. 20 - 60 billion sure

    Everyone alive will have Facebook one day
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    i don't even know what a f*ck that is..and i see no reason,why i should be there..
    swear on cache memory of my PC-i never visit the site.
    i spend more time than i should on ET already..
    this facebook shit is probably filled with those f**rs,who talk and text their f***ng nonsense on the phone while driving..
    just make it f**g round-1 trillion
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    Seems too high to me........
    500 BILLION
    holy sheepshit batman...
    is this the sign of a top?
  10. I'm not one to fall in love with companies or drink from the kool-aid, but Facebook has done what every other company in the world has wanted ever since the Internet has started: have the entire world as a customer. This is what Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc have each gotten a portion of it but not to complete domination the way Facebook has.

    They supposedly have 500 million daily users, and that will only grow. They haven't even started monetizing their end-users yet. Zynga has fed off them like those fish that swim underneath sharks, and they are valued at $10 billion. Imagine what happens if Facebook can figure out how to monetize all 500 million customers?

    If they can monetize each user at 1 cent/customer/day that's already almost $2 billion/year. If they can actually figure out how to make themselves actually *useful* and convince end-users and/or service-providers to actually pay, it could be the world's first trillion dollar company.

    This is where I think Facebook will run into problems. Zuckerberg is not a visionary. He's a right-place-right-time kind of person. I don't know him, but everything I've read about him casts him as kind of a jerk, if not worse. Things like Beacon, and other anti-privacy attempts they've made have hurt their credibility, and I don't think Zuckerberg has the vision to know how to get Facebook much further.
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