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  1. For various reasons I believe Facebook to be worth just as much if not more than myspace. Im trying to figure out how to trade this, if im right. Wasnt somebody somewhere trying to buy facebook?
  2. S2007S


    "trade this" You CANT.

    Dont waste your time with facebook, its all hype that will be forgotten in the next few years, its worth no more than $500-750 million at most, the next big social networking site will be put together by another 15 year old kid. These sites come and go.
  3. facebook isnt a public traded company

  4. I don't think so. Isnt myspace worth 15 billion or something ridiculous?

    Oh and I know its not public, but it either will be, or it will be bought by some publicly traded company.
  5. Comparing Facebook to Myspace is like comparing Yahoo to Google.
  6. ssbc19


    Come on, you answered your own question already. It's a private company, you can't trade it.

    Or else you buy a bunch of different public companies because they *might* buy facebook. And even if Microsoft bought facebook, why would you buy Microsoft?

    Any public company able to afford facebook is going to huge and the revenue from facebook isn't going to be that big in comparison to the rest of their revenue.

    For various reasons I believe dragons to be more awesome than unicorns. Im trying to figure out how to trade this too.

    But unfortunately they don't have dragon futures so I can't trade them :(
  7. bkveen3


    As a college aged poster I would refute the fact that facebook is just a fad. I'm just calling it as I see it and from what I can tell facebook has longevity and growth potential. Facebook is a lot of college students life and although I'm not addicted to it as some are I can't imagine getting rid of it when I leave college. Actually I can't imagine ever getting rid of it as none of my friends can either. IMO if facebook ever goes public it would be good to have it in your portfolio.
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    Agree with what you say. I'm a few years out of college and most people I know still use as much or even more than what they used it in college.
  9. Facebook is worth 30 billion easily. If it goes public I will sell everything and put all my money it it with 30% margin. Not kidding.
  10. ...and what are you basing that valuation on? Magic?
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